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STM 5″ – RS485 Fix

Explanation how to fix problem with not working RS485 on STM 5″ boards PCB 50STM32U5 with revison 1.0 and 1.1.

If you are able to do this by yourself then folowing the steps below should help you solve the problem. If you are not sure or you think you could “mess up” something please contact us for further inforamation.

To start with you need to cut the “roads” as shown on the below picture.

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Third Party Development Tools

One of our aims is to provide you with an easy and efficient way to create your own applications. This is why we are open to all products and tools that you can work with Riverdi products.
You will find a list of compatible solutions below, from GUI building tools, to development boards and compilers – the EVE Screen Designer from Bridgetech, or the Riverdi click from MikroElektronika, to name a few.

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Touch Panel

The right kind of touch panel can be crucial to the success of your application and product. It needs to match the environment the device is placed in. It also needs to match the type of application it will be used in. That is why our offer is so versatile.

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The Intelligent Display BUS

The RiBUS is the perfect BUS for connecting your product with Riverdi intelligent display solutions. It can run with any size or type of Riverdi intelligent display. Once you have it on your device, you don’t need to worry about changing displays mid-project – it just works.

Simple, efficient, and versatile.

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Screen Enhancement

We have two screen enhancement options, designed to give your display that special boost and keep it ahead of the competition.

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Projected Capacitive Touch Screens

Projected Capacitive Touch Screens are now the most common type of touch screen used in phones, tablets, and other hand-held devices. This is the technology that allows us to tap, scroll, zoom, pinch, and flick, without even thinking about it. It has changed the way we interact with technology and removed previous barriers.

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Optical Bonding

Optical bonding is a process of affixing the touch panel (or only the protective glass) to the display using a liquid, gel, or dry (film) adhesive. In general, this process improves parameters of the optically bonded LCD module – both the optical performance and its durability.

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That is what our smart displays are all about. You can easily choose the type of touch panel, mounting frame, or graphics controllers you want, and have the display perfectly fit within your project.

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Mechanics / Housing

When you’re thinking about the housing and mechanics your display needs, you need to take into consideration in what kind of environment and in what kind of way it’s going to be used.

For example, if you need a TFT display for your smart home application it’s best to choose something that can be easily mounted to the wall so that the user can quickly and efficiently control the temperature and lighting in their home, over the touch panel.

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Graphic and Touch Controllers

Our mission of building intelligent display solutions means that we also offer the best graphics controllers on the market to run them. The RGB and LVDS modules are a part of our standard offer, but the Bridgetek EVE4 and Solomon graphics controllers and the Hycon family of touch controllers are a great choice if your project requires a more complex execution.

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Display Format

The variety of our display offer is one of the key reasons our customers keep coming back. They can always find the professional solution for thier projects in Rivedi.

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Cover Lens

Modules with projected capacitive touch panels have a top layer, called a cover. This part of the module is the most often customized component of the product. It’s the part that allows the display to completely change its appearance. To perfectly blend with the rest of your product design.

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Antibacterial Surface Protection

Antibacterial surface protection is an innovative and effective solution for displays. It’s the next big step in smart display solutions. Kastus is a leading company in this sector and Riverdi is their advanced partner. We offer 24/7 antimicrobial surface protection technology for all Riverdi displays. Kastus designed and patented antimicrobial coatings to protect surfaces against bacteria and germs.

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Touchpanel firmware update

This manual explains how to update touchpanel firmware using ITS Studio software.

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What payment methods do you accept?

We accept the following payment methods:

  • Credit card
  • PayPal
  • Wire transfer
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Can you present the ce and fcc certification ?

CE and FCC marking is usually obligatory for a complete end product.

Riverdi display modules are semi-finished goods which are used as components to become part of the finished products.

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Is the vat id required to complete the order? will i pay vat?

For all information regarding VAT please see the table below. The information is formed based on your location and distinction between whether you are an invidual user or company, see the table below:

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What should i do if i am having problem with placing an order?

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Can my delivery and billing adresses be different?

Yes, it is possible to have different addresses for billing and delivery. To do that please share additional information on the order in ship to a different address section.

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Display backlight intensity

This manual explains how to change the display backlight intenisty in different HDMI modules. Modules have different interfaces that alter the method of setting up them.

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Can i customize the products? Which features can be customized on the displays?

If you project requires some special features, different from our standard offer, please contact us using the contact form.

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What is uxTouch and how to assemble such module?

Our uxTouch displays have a specially designed Projected Capacitive Touch (PCT), with special decorative frame protruding beyond the display.

The advantages of such displays are numerous:

  • easy assembly and customization,
  • no dirt accumulation,
  • changeable cover glass shape,
  • customizable touch sensor area, and more.


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TouchGFX – problem with loading project on display

When there is a problem with loading project on display, usually error and it’s description is beeing displayed.

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Is resolution change possible in displays?

Displays without graphic controller have some design constraints, one of them is fixed resolution and timing parameters.

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What is Viewing Direction?

The viewing direction is the best view of the display from one of particular angle.

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What is the gray scale inversion?

Gray scale inversion is a one viewing side, in which the image colors suddenly change after exceeding the specified viewing angle.

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Where can I find the description of the Riverdi TFT Part Numbers (PN)?

The description of the display PN is included in the datasheet in the Module Specification Section.

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Where can i find 3D models of the riverdi products?

The 3D files are available on the product page, in the “Downloads” section.

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Where can i find datasheets?

Datasheets are available in the download section of each product page.

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How can i test a riverdi display?

Riverdi offers a wide range of evaluation boards and add-on boards designed for development and testing of applications on Riverdi displays.

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How to set up riverdi 7″ MIPI display in Linux?

Testing and validating a MSI-DSI display(LCD driver EK79007AD3+EK73217BCGA) in Linux is possible with using a device tree overlay template.

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Where can i find all downloadable files for each product ?

All of the files connected to each product are avaiable to download from this link

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What does SM in front of P/N stand for ?

SM in front of any p/n has a meaning only that it stands for single module.

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What type of ZIF connector is used in Riverdi’s touch panels and displays ?

Choosing proper zif connector is mostly dependent on how you place your adaptor board.

    1. There are 2 types of zif connectors, upside and downside,
    2. Display shown on figure below (Figure 1) has to use two zifs with opposite conntacts,
    3. There are two pairs possible, upside + downside and respectively downside + upside.
      40UH+10DH  or  40DH+10UH
    4. Best is to choose one of this pairs, which will match your projects PCB.
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Problems with resolution on hdmi display

Riverdi 5-inch HDMI display, which due to the non-standard screen resolution (800×480) on some operating systems, may require additional software configuration. Below is a brief tutorial.

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How to adjust backlight in eve modules?

Changing the level of backlight in EVE modules such as RVT101HVB, RVT70HSB, RVT50HQB is possible by controling the special register responsible for backlight level.

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What is the type of connector for eve modules?

All EVE 1/2/3 modules require the same 20-pin ZIF connector, 0.5mm pitch, down-side.

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What is the difference between FT81x and FT80x controllers?

Compared to the FT80x, the FT81x support displays with higher resolution, portrait orientation option, faster data transfer and image/video loading, and more video memory.

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Problem with flash initialization on EVE4 modules.

Problem is with EVE4 modules, it concerns situation when the driver connects to the flash memory but does not initialze. Sometimes modules are required to work under different environmental conditions. This error occurs in temperature condition such as 5°C.

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EVE4 – getting started

To understand Embedded Video Engine (EVE) – BT81x, you have to remember that it doesn’t have typical solution, as it is in embedded systems with LCD screens. What does it mean?

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Where can i find block diagram of mcu connections in stm modules ?

The block diagram shown below applies to STM 5″ modules. They are based on STM32U599NJH6Q or STM32U5A9NJH6Q. The description over connection shows to which pin is each element connected.

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How to adjust backlight in stm modules?

Changing the level of backlight in STM modules such as RVT101, RVT70, RVT50 is possible by controling PWM signal.

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THS_ZERO parameter

Problem with display. The display is not working properly it has an effect called “ghosting”.
This issue concers STM32H7  7″ displays.
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5″ STM TouchGFX 2 microcontrollers

STM modules, to be precise 5″ ones have 2 types of microcontrollers installed on their boards. One is STM32U599NJH6Q and the other is STM32U5A9NJH6Q.
Most common question regarding this module is if those two microcontrollers are compatible with each other and if it is possible to make project in TouchGFX for each of those modules.

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Does temperature on stm modules get high ?

Components from the mainboard duing their operation time gain a little temperature increase. Test based on checking each of the available size of the modules, 5″, 7″ and 10″.

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TouchGFX issue – double buffered video controller

Trying to make a new project in TouchGFX sometimes occurs in below error:

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STM32 – getting started

TouchGFX Designer is an advanced PC GUI-builder and simulator for STM32 microcontrollers from ST Microelectronics. It is ready-to-use solution to design stunning GUI.

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Product change notifications

Date Product Reason Document
29.04.2024 RVT101HVLNWC00-B This notice is to inform our customers of update to the datasheets for the entire HB,IPS 10.1”LVDS product line.
13.07.2023 RVA-SWD-06M-C100 V2 Cable PN is updated to RVA-SWD-06M-C100 V2
08.03.2023 Standard HDMI 7″ Change that is being implemented for the entire HDMI 7.0” product line.
14.11.2022 Standard brightness 3,5” displays with CTS Change of CTP driver from old FT5346DQQ to new FT5446DQS.
07.04.2021 RITAB-70 V2 Change of CPU from old MT8127 (EOL by Mediatek) to new MT8163.
19.03.2020 2.8” displays EOL of the 2.8″ display series
29.11.2018 3,5” displays with CTS CTS controller is EOL – Change controller from FT5206 to FT5346.
12.07.2018 5” TFT modules with CTS CTS IC driver EOL – CTS driver IC is change from FT3506 to FT5446.
06.04.2018 4.3” TFT modules with CTS CTS IC driver EOL – CTS driver IC is change from FT3506 to FT5446.
02.01.2018 5” TFT intelligent modules Change place and number of passive elements. To allow adjustment for individual projects.
26.05.2017 4.3” TFT modules Change of TFT glass.
29.04.2016 RVI43ANTNWN00 Change of TFT glass and driver IC.
24.04.2016 Displays module with FT8xx CHIP Very low SNR – Audio signal is processed on the customer’s PCB.
16.11.2015 2.83” displays with CTS CTS controller is EOL – Change controller from FT6206 to FT6236.

Statesments and Certifications

Product Document
CE declaration – USB CABLE MICRO 80 V2
California Proposition 65
EVE4 Migration Guide
ISO Certificate
Conflict Minerals Statement
ROHS 3 Declaration
ROHS Declaration
REACH Statement

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