How to adjust backlight in EVE modules?

Changing the level of backlight in EVE modules such as RVT101HVB, RVT70HSB, RVT50HQB is possible by controling the special register responsible for backlight level. To start with a proper connection of the display and PC, as well as using proper software such as EVE Asset Builder is required. The key to change the intensity of displays backlight is setting proper value of register REG_PWM_DUTY. Backlight enable signal is internally connected to BT817Q backlight control pin. This pin is controlled by two BT817Q’s registers. REG_PWM_HZ specifies the PWM output frequency. REG_PWM_DUTY specifies the duty cycle.

Fig. 1 Backlight driver block diagram #

It is possible to adjust backlight by changing the value of Gpu_Hal_Wr8(phost, REG_PWM_DUTY, pwm).
The value can be from 1 to 128, where 1 means 0% backlight, 64 means 50% backlight and 128 means 100% backlight.

Fig 2. Backlight value #

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