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How can i test a riverdi display?

Riverdi offers a wide range of evaluation boards and add-on boards designed for development and testing of applications on Riverdi displays. These boards provide the necessary tools and environment to bring Riverdi displays to life and showcase their capabilities.

What is a evaluation board ?

Evaluation boards, also referred to as development boards or demo boards, allow developers to test displays and start building applications before committing to full production. They supply an effortless way to connect displays to a controller board and power supply to light up the screen and display content.

Riverdi’s evaluation boards are compatible with many Riverdi display modules, enabling convenient switching between different display sizes and interfaces for demonstration and evaluation. The main evaluation board contains the core components like the controller, interfaces, buttons and LEDs. Add-on boards then enables the customization to fit specific display interfaces and sizes. All Riverdi Evaluation Boards include the FFC cable.