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Single Board Computer Displays

Compatibile Displays with Toradex SBC. Dahlia is a compact carrier board providing easy access to the most common features of the Verdin family

Single Board Computers

STM32 Embedded Displays

New size in STM32 Embedded Display Series.
Ready to use All-in-One Human Machine Interface with TouchGFX library support.

STM32 embedded displays

EVE4 Intelligent Displays

An intelligent display is a smart solution for integrating the video processing unit with the display.

High Brightness Displays

This is a high brightness IPS display series with LVDS or RGB interface.

HDMI Displays

This HDMI TFT display will be detected automatically and can act as a system monitor.

Custom Display

Custom shape, dimensions, color,
holes, logo, cutouts, glass thickness.

Custom display request

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About Riverdi

At Riverdi, we employ the latest display technologies to help engineers and designers achieve their goal: ship products that provide the best possible user experience.

Resistive or capacitive touchscreens and smart displays have become the norm for high-performance human machine interfaces.

But with so many display technologies available, building the right combination of screen, processor, panel and coating that fit within a target bill of material can be difficult.

That’s why here at Riverdi we focus on solutions. Modifying our products to support the requirements of customers is our specialty.


STM32 Embedded

EVE4 series

EVE4 Intelligent

HB IPS series

LCD Displays

HDMI 7.0 series


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We have received the package and tried out the devices. We see a lot of displays in our work, but I can say these are exceptionally good hardware.

Gábor Kiss-Vámosi
Author & CEO of LVGL

Soren Mikkelsen Business Development Manager STMicroelectronics A/S

ST cooperates with Riverdi because we believe that such partnership brings value to our joint customers. On top of this, we also discovered that we shared some business visions about how to make it easier and faster to go from the initial stages of designing a product embedding a graphical user interface to a production ready product. The conclusion was that combining the STM32 High performance microcontrollers, with the free STM32 graphics toolchain and Riverdi displays + PCB and then merge all of this into a board support package ready to run TouchGFX, would be a compelling offering.
Designing and developing a product with an embedded user interface (GUI), can be complex, as it involves many building block and disciplines, which all requires expert knowledge. Riverdi offer is covering a lot of them, allowing the customer to focus on the most important part of the development, the GUI Application itself. And remember that this is the face of your product. Choosing such solution, the customer does not need to worry about sourcing components like the display, microcontrollers, memory, etc. or even writing low-level drivers, development the board support package or porting TouchGFX. Its all ready done. What makes cooperation with Riverdi unique is that Riverdi has been able to drive a 1280*800 display resolution in high colors, with a STM32H7 microcontroller and a TouchGFX application showing a smart home UI. This shows that Riverdi is well aware of how to exploit all the capabilities of the STM32 Graphics offering combining hardware and software in a unique solution. From the first business meetings, it was clear that we shared visions of the market for embedded GUIs. And Riverdi proved that they can go from an idea and concept to actual working hardware, very fast.

Soren Mikkelsen
Business Development Manager
STMicroelectronics A/S

Hans Hameeteman Sales Manager Batenburg Applied Technologies

My name is Hans Hameeteman. I am the sales manager for display products at Adelco Electronics in Batenburg. Riverdi has been our partner since 2014. Working with Riverdi has solved most of ours and our customers’ important problems such as product longevity, high quality, short lead times and dedicated technical support. Riverdi is a unique company that combine high volume production with longevity requirements, excellent quality, short lead times and dedicated support, including assistance with certification etc. During our cooperation, we have repeatedly found Riverdi to be a reliable partner we can rely on, providing very good quality products on short notice at reasonable prices, and a company that is truly responsive to its customers’ needs. I can honestly recommend Riverdi as a reliable partner and supplier of excellent quality LCD displays.

Hans Hameeteman
Sales Manager
Batenburg Applied Technologies

Jean-François Bilodeau Hardware Engineer Eaton

My name is Jean-François Bilodeau and I am an electronic hardware engineer based in Quebec, Canada. I work for Eaton in the substation automation division on products focused on dealing with power management. I have been in touch with Riverdi since 2016, where I bought my 1st display to create an HMI for a digital-storage oscilloscope device targeted for the automotive industry. The quality of the display and the thorough documentation was something that got me attracted to this company. The customer service has always been excellent and very responsive, from sales to engineering request for additional information not usually covered in a conventional datasheet. Since then my cooperation with Riverdi has continuously expanded from using FTDI EVE displays to LVDS and RGB based interfaces to support various use-cases within the clients I work for. Riverdi provides quality displays that I can rely on to create rich and experience-enhancing human-machine interfaces. The versatility of the offering is stunning, and I am confident that they would accommodate a custom request on-demand if needed. From my opinion, what really puts Riverdi beyond other TFT / LCD display companies is the wonderful customer service that puts a personal touch to the business exchanges, plus the fact that they do provides answers in a timely manner. I expect to continue growing my business with Riverdi as time goes and I would sincerely recommend this company to anyone getting involved with a TFT / LCD display.

Jean-François Bilodeau
Hardware Engineer

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