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Our offer targets companies, organizations, entrepreneurs, and designers who need reliable display technologies to create user-friendly products. We are also a tech company and know the importance of operational efficiency and direct access to cutting-edge solutions for business.  Thanks to that understanding, for over 10 years we have successfully provided both standard and custom displays to clients in the medical, beauty, industrial, digital signage, and laboratory businesses.

Quality is not just a word - we deliver it

Our extensive display offer has made Riverdi a household name among customers around Europe and internationally. Those who decided to trust our solutions always put our quality standards and processes first. And the expert know-how of our team. As a result, the order process and customer service are seamless and reliable.

Click below to see why thousands of clients choose Riverdi.

Our products are made for your industry

Are you looking for displays tailored to your industry’s requirements? You have found the right place. Learn more about our standard product range and their numerous applications.

STM32 Embedded Displays
STM32 Embedded Displays

Providing seamless integration and efficiency for complex applications, so that they are perfect for optimizing the performance of your devices.


Offering a full range of vibrant colors and crisp images, designed for diverse purposes and tailored to meet the needs of cutting-edge technology.

EVE Intelligent Displays
EVE Intelligent Displays

Enabling easy management of graphic and touch content, bringing smart solutions to projects and thus increasing their tech and business value.

HDMI Displays
HDMI Displays

Ensuring seamless compatibility and superb image quality, ideal for devices requiring high resolution.

Single Board Computer Displays
Single Board Computer Displays

Compatibile Displays with Toradex SBC. Dahlia is a compact carrier board providing easy access to the most common features of the Verdin family.

Evaluation Boards
Evaluation Boards

Ready-to-use solutions facilitating tests and display implementation, thereby accelerating project development.


Ensuring optimal performance and durability of displays. Check out available products here.

Coming Soon
Coming Soon

Exciting new products and innovations are on their way. Stay tuned for the latest advancements in display technology, enhancing your projects and solutions.

Tell us what display you need - we will do it for you

We believe that every company is different and has different needs. If you feel that no product meets your industry’s needs, we can make one that will. We are experts in the field – we know and understand the different applications of end devices and can tell you exactly what display will meet your requirements. Based on our know-how, we start by carrying out a needs analysis. Then, we choose the best technology and components for each application.

The Riverdi team will always provide you with the display you need in a much shorter time than when creating a device from scratch.

Riverdi products

What do customers say about Riverdi solutions?

Designing and developing a product with an embedded user interface (GUI), can be complex, as it involves many building block and disciplines, which all requires expert knowledge. Riverdi offer is covering a lot of them (…)

Soren Mikkelsen - Business Development Manager STMicroelectronics A/S

Soren Mikkelsen

Business Development Manager STMicroelectronics A/S

From my opinion, what really puts Riverdi beyond other TFT / LCD display companies is the wonderful customer service that puts a personal touch to the business exchanges, plus the fact that they do provides answers in a timely manner (…).

Jean-François Bilodeau - Hardware Engineer Eaton

Jean-François Bilodeau

Hardware Engineer Eaton

We have received the package and tried out the devices. We see a lot of displays in our work, but I can say these are exceptionally good hardware.

Gábor Kiss-Vámosi - Author & CEO of LVGL

Gábor Kiss-Vámosi

Author & CEO of LVGL

Riverdi is a unique company that combine high volume production with longevity requirements, excellent quality, short lead times and dedicated support, including assistance with certification etc.

Hans Hameeteman - Sales Manager Batenburg Applied Technologies

Hans Hameeteman

Sales Manager Batenburg Applied Technologies

We have the know - how to share

We understand that display technology may generate numerous issues, especially at the stage of selecting a particular device for your project. Visit our blog and access expert articles that tackle the most common questions raised by our customers.