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Can i customize the products? Which features can be customized on the displays?

If you project requires some special features, different from our standard offer, please contact us using the contact form.

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What is uxTouch and how to assemble such module?

Our uxTouch displays have a specially designed Projected Capacitive Touch (PCT), with special decorative frame protruding beyond the display.

The advantages of such displays are numerous:

  • easy assembly and customization,
  • no dirt accumulation,
  • changeable cover glass shape,
  • customizable touch sensor area, and more.


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TouchGFX – problem with loading project on display

When there is a problem with loading project on display, usually error and it’s description is beeing displayed.

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Is resolution change possible in displays?

Displays without graphic controller have some design constraints, one of them is fixed resolution and timing parameters.

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What is Viewing Direction?

The viewing direction is the best view of the display from one of particular angle.

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What is the gray scale inversion?

Gray scale inversion is a one viewing side, in which the image colors suddenly change after exceeding the specified viewing angle.

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Where can I find the description of the Riverdi TFT Part Numbers (PN)?

The description of the display PN is included in the datasheet in the Module Specification Section.

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Where can i find 3D models of the riverdi products?

The 3D files are available on the product page, in the “Downloads” section.

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Where can i find datasheets?

Datasheets are available in the download section of each product page.

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How can i test a riverdi display?

Riverdi offers a wide range of evaluation boards and add-on boards designed for development and testing of applications on Riverdi displays.

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How to set up riverdi 7″ MIPI display in Linux?

Testing and validating a MSI-DSI display(LCD driver EK79007AD3+EK73217BCGA) in Linux is possible with using a device tree overlay template.

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Where can i find all downloadable files for each product ?

All of the files connected to each product are avaiable to download from this link

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What does SM in front of P/N stand for ?

SM in front of any p/n has a meaning only that it stands for single module.

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