We redefine quality

While other companies say it – quality – we chose to redefine it. For over 10 years in the high-tech market, we have acquired a deep understanding of quality, and now it benefits our customers.

The seamless process is our core

At Riverdi, quality is not just a word – it’s in our DNA. Just as a display consists of millions of pixels, our quality is a process made up of thousands of precise elements and steps. With each of these, we make our processes seamless – from manufacturing to delivery. Our displays are a crystal clear example of the quality and fast pace that Riverdi will offer you.

Accuracy developed by experts

Just as in the case of business processes, the high manufacturing quality of Riverdi displays is earned by our skilled engineers. Our in-house team of experts works daily to apply experience acquired through years of practice – they aim to bring innovative technologies to increasingly challenging projects. This way, we have achieved accuracy in decisions and solutions, which customers worldwide value.

Save by quality
not on quality

At Riverdi, we understand that finding the perfect components for your project may be quite a struggle – consuming your resources.  For this reason, our goal is to provide solutions that meet and exceed your expectations. Everything we do aims to save you time, energy, and money. Our products are made to work longer and better.

This is how Riverdi quality is made

We choose quality over trade-off

At Riverdi quality starts with choosing the best components, even if it means higher costs. Our displays are manufactured with verified, well-documented, and carefully selected industrial-grade components that have undergone strict testing. This guarantees reliability and effortless implementation. We also offer advanced plug-and-play solutions ready for quick integration, saving you precious time and resources. Our test lab has precise measuring equipment and ensures that every product meets the highest quality standards.

We prioritize accuracy at every stage

Thanks to the implementation of PPAP (Production Part Approval Process), we assure that each product we develop and manufacture will reach an equally high level of quality. Our ISO 90010:2015 certification proves it. Our research team solves issues regularly and analyzes the impact on other design areas and products. This approach allows us to minimize the risk of defects and can speed up launching new products to the market. This translates directly into customer satisfaction and operational effectiveness.

We adjust to your needs

We believe in adaptation, which is why our product portfolio carries a wide range of standard products without minimum order quantities (MOQ). You can order as many displays as you need – even if it is only a few pieces. Additionally, their modular design allows you to select several variants of the same product, and fit them to meet the individual requirements of your project.

We customize your display design for you

When a standard solution is not enough, we can customize your display.  Depending on the scope of changes, minimum orders for customized products start at 100 pieces. Our user-friendly software, supported by complete libraries available on GitHub, enables easy and intuitive programming of the display system functionality and GUI. This way, you immediately get what you need and don’t waste time or money on multiple iterations.

We care for products as well as smooth workflow

At our company, quality means innovation and long-lasting products, but also how we operate. Learn why cooperation with us means faster order processing.
We are aiming for 98% OTD
in 2 years

Reliability of delivery is crucial to us, so we keep you informed of the status of your order at every stage of processing. We are aiming at the highest on-time delivery score, and we are doing that by continually perfecting our processes to be even more efficient and trustworthy. We update this goal annually and achieve it – currently, we are aiming at 98% OTD within the next two years.

Vendor Managed Inventory
focused on the customer

Our goal is to deliver a ready-to-use product in the shortest possible time. For this reason, we can offer you a VMI solution. It confirms that our stock levels are always ready, and you do not need to worry about placing another order and keeping the schedule yourself. We will do it for you and arrange timely delivery based on your production forecast.

More than 350 products
available off-the-shelf

If you need a product from our standard offer, place an order, and it will arrive within a couple of days. You do not need to place a large order – it can even be a few pieces.


We cannot allow for any production or delivery delays, so in case of an emergency, we have a complete contingency plan to secure your business continuity.

Co-Ceo of Riverdi

At Riverdi, we don’t just push pixels; we push boundaries. And if we ever stop learning, we’ve hit the off switch on innovation.

As the co-CEO of Riverdi, Kamil is leveraging skills in Electronics and Optical Engineering, and expertise in displays and touchscreens to create innovative solutions for various markets and applications. With over 10 years of experience as a founder, owner, and executive, Kamil has a proven track record of driving business growth, prioritizing customer relationships, and managing complex projects. He strongly believes that customers are best served only by well-educated and dedicated employees, which is why Kamil is also deeply involved in Riverdi’s University, where every employee can learn about various aspects from displays and touch technologies to best customer service practices.

Co-Ceo of Riverdi

He is co-founder and CEO of Riverdi. On a daily basis, he focuses on creating vision and strategy for the areas of sales, marketing, supply chain, quality and manufacturing. In collaboration, he emphasizes open communication focused on customer needs. His priority is the efficiency and agility of the company’s processes.

We are experts in the high-tech industry

It’s not just that we employ our knowledge. We also like to share it. Our engineering team is responsible for the consistency of our display modules. They have carried out hundreds of custom projects in lots of challenging industries. Based on that know-how, we have created tens of blog posts, video tutorials on YouTube, and held many talks, workshops, presentations, webinars, and podcasts. Explore the Blog and Riverdi University tabs for more educational content.

We also guarantee quick access to detailed project documentation. Datasheets, 3D models, EMI reports, technical drawings, evaluation boards, and test software can all be found on the product page. This can give you a better insight into Riverdi products, and you can rest assured that our displays will match the project you are developing.

The story of our success


Production of the first displays

equipped with the SSD1963 controller. 


Introduction of the first generation of intelligent displays

Embedded Video Engine (EVE1).


New headquarters

increase in production and design capabilities.


Welcoming Mouser Electronics in our distribution network


Introducing a new basis for all standard modules

High Brightness IPS displays with an industrial touch panel.


Cleanroom modernization

increase in surface area and cleanliness conditions.


Next headquarters

significant increase in office, production, and warehouse space.


Introduction of EVE4 IPS displays

advanced graphics controller with video playback.


Strategic partnership with STMicroelectronics

early access to unreleased microcontrollers.


Introducing the STM32H7-based displays

world 1st with 1280x800 resolution (ST stated maximum with 1024x600)


Introducing STM32 Embedded Displays to the TouchGFX graphics library



First exhibition at Embedded World trade fair

in participation with STMicroelectronics.


Partnership with Toradex and SOMLabs

display compatibility with SOM and carrier boards.


Significant sales growth in the US market

thanks to production in Europe.


Partnership with LVGL

certification of the STM32 Embedded Displays series for LVGL.


Partnership with Qt

preparation of the Qt MCU library for STM32 Embedded Displays.


Expanded cooperation with DigiKey

offer is available directly from DigiKey's stock in the US.


Forbes Diamond Award


Riverdi rebranding – new brand quality

Riverdi displays are always available

Fast and accessible worldwide shipping

By choosing Riverdi, you get access to high-quality displays and benefit from quick and easy worldwide shipping, including to the US. Our global approach to logistics sets us apart from Chinese suppliers by allowing effective product distribution, both within Europe and outside its borders.

Benefits for European

For EU customers, the location of our manufacturing facility and warehouse in Poland translates directly into added value. It means the absence of customs duty and lower shipping costs. Thanks to Intra EU Logistics, European orders are processed within a couple of days, up to a week, which allows quick implementation of projects involving quick prototypes.

We work with established distributors

We want to be available to our customers. To do that, we have started cooperation with international distributors – Mouser, DigiKey, and TME, who ensure off-the-shelf availability of our products worldwide. This is yet another proof that the quality of our logistic standards builds trust with customers and the major businesses on the market.

Save by quality

Go to our product catalog and see how you can save by quality, not on quality.

Our products are made for your industry

Are you looking for displays tailored to your industry’s requirements? You have found the right place. Learn more about our standard product range and their numerous applications.

STM32 Embedded Displays
STM32 Embedded Displays

Providing seamless integration and efficiency for complex applications, so that they are perfect for optimizing the performance of your devices.


Offering a full range of vibrant colors and crisp images, designed for diverse purposes and tailored to meet the needs of cutting-edge technology.

EVE Intelligent Displays
EVE Intelligent Displays

Enabling easy management of graphic and touch content, bringing smart solutions to projects and thus increasing their tech and business value.

HDMI Displays
HDMI Displays

Ensuring seamless compatibility and superb image quality, ideal for devices requiring high resolution.

Single Board Computer Displays
Single Board Computer Displays

Compatibile Displays with Toradex SBC. Dahlia is a compact carrier board providing easy access to the most common features of the Verdin family.

Evaluation Boards
Evaluation Boards

Ready-to-use solutions facilitating tests and display implementation, thereby accelerating project development.


Ensuring optimal performance and durability of displays. Check out available products here.

Coming Soon
Coming Soon

Exciting new products and innovations are on their way. Stay tuned for the latest advancements in display technology, enhancing your projects and solutions.