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Problem with flash initialization on EVE4 modules.

Problem is with EVE4 modules, it concerns situation when the driver connects to the flash memory but does not initialze. Sometimes modules are required to work under different environmental conditions. This error occurs in temperature condition such as 5°C.
To solve this problem add below init code to start module:

void App_Common_Init(Gpu_Hal_Context_t *phost)

Gpu_HalInit_t halinit;
uint8_t chipid;
/* FT81x will be in SPI Single channel after POR
If we are here with FT4222 in multi channel, then
an explicit switch to single channel is essential
Gpu_81X_SelectSysCLK(phost, GPU_SYSCLK_72M);
Gpu_HostCommand_Ext3(phost, 0x71| (0x14 << 10)|(0x02 << 8)); //pullup in powerdown
Gpu_HostCommand_Ext3(phost, 0x71| (0x15 << 10)|(0x02 << 8));
Gpu_HostCommand_Ext3(phost, 0x71| (0x16 << 10)|(0x02 << 8));
Gpu_HostCommand_Ext3(phost, 0x71| (0x17 << 10)|(0x02 << 8));
Gpu_HostCommand_Ext3(phost, 0x71| (0x18 << 10)|(0x02 << 8));
Gpu_HostCommand_Ext3(phost, 0x71| (0x19 << 10)|(0x02 << 8));
Gpu_HostCommand_Ext3(phost, 0x43); // go to powerdown
Gpu_Hal_Wr32(phost, REG_FREQUENCY, 72000000);
uint32_t freq = Gpu_Hal_Rd32(phost, REG_FREQUENCY);
/* read Register ID to check if chip ID series is correct */
chipid = Gpu_Hal_Rd8(phost, REG_ID);
while(chipid != 0x7C)
chipid = Gpu_Hal_Rd8(phost, REG_ID);
/* read REG_CPURESET to confirm 0 is returned */
uint8_t engine_status;
/* Read REG_CPURESET to check if engines are ready.
Bit 0 for coprocessor engine,
Bit 1 for touch engine,
Bit 2 for audio engine.
engine_status = Gpu_Hal_Rd8(phost, REG_CPURESET);
while(engine_status != 0x00)
engine_status = Gpu_Hal_Rd8(phost, REG_CPURESET);
Gpu_Hal_Wr16(phost, REG_PWM_HZ,10000);
Gpu_Hal_Wr8(phost, REG_PWM_DUTY,128);
uint16_t pwmHz = Gpu_Hal_Rd16(phost, REG_PWM_HZ);
Gpu_Hal_Wr16(phost, REG_PCLK_FREQ, DispPLCLKFREQ);
Gpu_Hal_Wr8(phost, REG_PCLK_2X, DispPCLK2x);
/* configuration of LCD display */
Gpu_Hal_Wr16(phost, REG_HCYCLE, DispHCycle);
Gpu_Hal_Wr16(phost, REG_HOFFSET, DispHOffset);
Gpu_Hal_Wr16(phost, REG_HSYNC0, DispHSync0);
Gpu_Hal_Wr16(phost, REG_HSYNC1, DispHSync1);
Gpu_Hal_Wr16(phost, REG_VCYCLE, DispVCycle);
Gpu_Hal_Wr16(phost, REG_VOFFSET, DispVOffset);
Gpu_Hal_Wr16(phost, REG_VSYNC0, DispVSync0);
Gpu_Hal_Wr16(phost, REG_VSYNC1, DispVSync1);
Gpu_Hal_Wr8(phost, REG_SWIZZLE, DispSwizzle);
Gpu_Hal_Wr8(phost, REG_PCLK_POL, DispPCLKPol);
Gpu_Hal_Wr16(phost, REG_HSIZE, DispWidth);
Gpu_Hal_Wr16(phost, REG_VSIZE, DispHeight);
Gpu_Hal_Wr16(phost, REG_CSPREAD, DispCSpread);
Gpu_Hal_Wr16(phost, REG_DITHER, DispDither);
//Gpu_Hal_Wr16(phost, REG_OUTBITS, 0x1b6);
/* GPIO configuration */
#if defined(FT81X_ENABLE)
Gpu_Hal_Wr16(phost, REG_GPIOX_DIR, 0xffff);
Gpu_Hal_Wr16(phost, REG_GPIOX, 0xfc00);
Gpu_Hal_Wr8(phost, REG_GPIO_DIR,0xff);
Gpu_Hal_Wr8(phost, REG_GPIO,0xff);
/* after this display is visible on the LCD */
Gpu_Hal_Wr8(phost, REG_PCLK,DispPCLK);
phost->cmd_fifo_wp = Gpu_Hal_Rd16(phost,REG_CMD_WRITE);