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Display Format

The variety of our display offer is one of the key reasons our customers keep coming back. They can always find the professional solution for thier projects in Rivedi.

Capacitive and resistive touch screens, numerous different screen sizes and resolutions, different types of backlight and brightness. We offer special treatments for the cover glass of our displays, industry-leading graphics controllers, special housing, and more.

Here is an overview of the basic options you can choose from:

  • Display size – from below 1’’ to 65’’ displays and more
  • Display Interface – RGB, LVDS, MIPI, eDP, MCU, SPI, HDMI, DP, DVI, VGA
  • Viewing angle – 12 o’clock, 6 o’clock, full viewing angle (IPS, MVA)
  • Luminance – indoor 200 cd/m2 to outdoor 4500 cd/m2
  • Resolution – from 80x160px to 4Kpx resolution
  • Controllers and embedded boards – FT80x, FT81x, BT81x, Solomon SSD1963, VGA, DVI, HDMI scaler boards (AD Boards)
  • Touch panel – capacitive and resistive
  • Mechanics/Housing – metal or plastic mounting frames, and various sizes and shapes of cover lenses