Touchpanel firmware update


Introduction #

This manual explains how to update touchpanel firmawer using ITS Studio software.

Equipment & software #

Equipment & software needed to perform firmware update:


ITS Studio Software

Newest touchpanel driver

USB-C cable or PCAP USB Cable


Figure 1. Left picture presents module with USB-C, right picture presents module without USB-C. #

Updating the touchpanel firmware #

First thing that needs to be done is connecting the touchpanel with computer using the USB. Before connecting the touchpanel to USB please check whether there is USB-C available or not. If there is a USB-C port,  connect with proper cable (Figure 1, left side). If there is no USB-C port, first step is to dissconnect the touch panel from ZIF connector , second is to connect proper cable. (Figure 1, right side) Before loading the newest touchpanel driver, install the proper software on computer which is ITS Studio.

Figure 2. ITS Studio home screen #

Next step is to connect the device using the button on the top left side of the software. After the touchpanel is connected on the screen there are information regarding the firmware etc.

Figure 3. ITS Studio, device connected, home screen #

Folowing steps are choosing the uprade menu, indicating the proper touchpanel driver and starting the update which takes a few seconds. After the udpate is completed we see the software return information which is „Update done!!”.

Figure 4. ITS Studio, upgrade menu, file browsing #

Figure 5. ITS Studio, proper driver indicating #

Figure 6. ITS Studio, firmware update #

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