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THS_ZERO parameter

Problem with display. The display is not working properly it has an effect called “ghosting”.
This issue concers STM32H7  7″ displays.
Root cause: the MIPI display we are using is together with THS_ZERO time. Unfortunately, Driver MIPI does not meet the minimum value allowed by the MIPI standard. If the THS_ZERO time is in the lower range, the Driver may not initialize correctly. This results in “jumping” of the image.
For correct operation of the display, it is necessary to modify the THS_ZERO parameter in the DSI-PHY controller. The default value of THS_ZERO should be changed to a value of about 213 ns (and/or more), which corresponds to a THS_ZERO register value of 200.
These parameters can be changed by editing the IOC file under Multimedia->DSIHOST, selecting the “Show Advanced Parameters” option, and then generating the project again – as shown in the Figure below: