12.1″ display – Linux touchscreen controller

The 12.1″ display has a different touchscreen controller than used in previous size versions.

For 12.1″ models, like HDMI, EVE4, LVDS, STM32, Toradex the used controller is ILI2511.

Below is the short information how to adjust this driver in Linux OS systems.

This time we have a ILI2511 controller with protocol ver. 3, so that it needs to be checked that linux-toradex/drivers/input/touchscreen/ili210x.c which is built-in kernel, is set correctly (it is by default as a module), and adjust DT to new driver, like below:

        touch@41 {

compatible = “ilitek,ili251x”;

reg = <0x41>;

/* Verdin DSI_1_INT# (TOUCH_INT#, SODIMM 17) */

interrupt-parent = <&main_gpio1>;

interrupts = <49 IRQ_TYPE_EDGE_FALLING>;

pinctrl-names = “default”;

pinctrl-0 = <&pinctrl_dsi1_int>, <&pinctrl_i2s_2_bclk_gpio>;

/* Verdin I2S_2_BCLK (TOUCH_RESET#, SODIMM 42) */

reset-gpios = <&main_gpio0 35 GPIO_ACTIVE_LOW>;


Driver ‘ilitek_ts_i2c.c’ doesn’t support protocol ver.3 and ILI2511.

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