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#ReturnReuseRiverdi – safe and eco-friendly packaging

Electrostatic discharge can easily damage electronic components. In order to protect our displays during transportation, we pack them in metalized, anti-static bags. These special bags are, unfortunately, made of plastic. We searched for alternatives but at this moment in time, there are none and so the use of those bags is inevitable.

The environmental factor

As a very environmentally-conscious company, we have been racking our brains how to solve the waste issue created here. After all, all the rest of our packaging is completely eco-friendly: the box is cardboard, the divider grid is cardboard and even the sticky tape is now paper. Our packaging was designed specifically to make sure our displays are safe during transportation while at the same time  keep the plastic components to the absolute minimum. Very often, you can find plastic bags filled with air at the bottom of boxes for additional protection. At Riverdi, we bought a machine that cuts up old cardboard, very much like a shedder, and recycle old boxes instead!

We just had to tackle the ESD bags too. And guess what, we have!

Inspired by the Global Recycling Day, we realized the advantage the plastic bags have is their durability. They are strong so we can recycle them many times and they will keep all their properties.

ESD bags life cycle

Once a display gets out of production, we put it into the bag and then into a box. It arrives at the destination, the customer takes it out of the box and out of the bag. The bag lands in the trash creating waste on the customer’s side.


From now on every partner, customer or distributor has the right to return all used ESD bags at Riverdi’s expense. The bags cannot be damaged in any way to make them suitable for reuse. All you need to do is allocate an area where you’ll be collecting all the bags and then, once you reach a certain amount, you mail them back to us for free! Just contact us to take part in this initiative.

The math

If a customer orders 10,000 displays per year in batches of 1,000, and we constantly reuse 2,000 of the same ESD bags; within five years we are able to save the environment 48,000 plastic bags. And that’s just for one customer. For 100 customers, this number becomes 4,800,000. That’s almost 5 million plastic bags less out there in the world!

What’s that like in weight?

Let’s see. We currently use two sizes of the bags: big and small weighing 0,1 oz (3g) and 0,25 oz (7g) respectively. Let’s count this again:

1 customer
5 years
66 lbs (30 kg)
330 lbs (150 kg)
154 lbs (70 kg)
770 lbs (350 kg)
100 customers
5 years
3,3 US tons (3 tons)
16,5 US tons (15 tons)
7,7 US tons (7 tons)
38,5 US tons (35 tons)

0,1 oz (3g) x 2,000 bags x 100 customers = 1,300 lbs (600kg)

0,25 oz (7g) x 2,000 bags x 100 customers = 3,100 lbs (1,400kg)

With the #ReturnReuseRiverdi program, for 100 customers over five years: on small displays we can save up to 15,8 US tons (14,400 tons) and on large displays, 37 US tons (33,600 tons) of plastic on packaging.

Is it worth it? We think so.

Let’s take care of the planet together.

To take part in this program, please contact our sales department.

If you’re wondering why and how to avoid ESD damage, click here.