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Riverdi Goes Global with DigiKey

As a manufacturer of display solutions, we are honored and humbled to announce our authorized distribution partnership with DigiKey, one of the world’s largest electronic component providers.

This partnership is strategic as it marks a significant shift in the availability of Riverdi’s industrial-grade range of innovative display products. Thanks to DigiKey’s extensive distribution network, Riverdi’s solutions will now be accessible to a global audience of engineers, designers and tech enthusiasts.

Here you can find our products on DigiKey:

For Riverdi, this partnership represents a milestone achieved through a rigorous qualification process, underscoring its commitment to excellence. Radosław Fularczyk, Co-CEO of Riverdi, highlights the broader implications of this collaboration for customers, stating, “This partnership is more than a business venture; it’s a leap towards enabling engineers and designers worldwide to access our state-of-the-art displays easily, facilitating the creation of exceptional visual user experiences in various industries.” Meanwhile, Kamil Kozłowski, Co-CEO of Riverdi, emphasizes the business potential of the partnership, “It will significantly enhance our visibility and impact in key markets.”

Established in 1972, DigiKey processes over 6.5 million orders annually through its global network of distribution centers, ensuring prompt and reliable delivery. This partnership will enable customers to swiftly transform their innovative designs into reality with Riverdi’s solutions of exceptional quality.