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Riverdi — Rebranding News

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Future Unfolded — Riverdi Has Undergone Rebranding

The extensive process of modernizing the brand’s aesthetics reflects the company’s dynamic development. At the same time, Riverdi’s rebranding serves to communicate the brand’s new vision and mission. Its main message is expressed with words “Save by quality, not on quality”.

The decision to rebrand was a natural consequence of the company’s increasing global expansion. Delivering the highest quality and service to customers from around the world needed to be fully reflected in equally high-quality communication.

The main visual motif of the graphic refresh are pixels. They form the signet of the brand’s new logo and directly express the core of Riverdi’s operation—providing displays with the highest quality. Last but not least, an important element of the new corporate identity is pixel multiplication—it reflects the brand’s unique value proposition, which consists of modular design and full customization. 

The logic of the entire branding is based on the fact that we transparently confirm to our customers the highest quality at every step of our activity. The DNA of the display is made up of pixels. Thus these visual dots form in the new logo a clear metaphor of Riverdi’s DNA—dozens, hundreds, thousands of elements creating an image of care for truly reliable quality. All in all, ​​the pixels serve as a symbol that every step we take is to save your time, energy and money.

Watch the video about Riverdi’s rebranding now.