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Riverdi displays are now in TouchGFX Designer!

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It is the world’s first and only 10.1″ LCD display with 1280×800 High-resolution working with ST Microelectronics STM32H7 processor!

With the implementation of Riverdi LCDs in TouchGFX Designer, designers and engineers around the world now have the ability to apply ready-to-use presets to the designs they create. Now Riverdi LCDs can be used in entirely new applications. We will continue to develop them and provide customers with increasingly superior solutions.

The main benefits for designers and customers:

  • Ready-to-use solution that reduces time-to-market!
  • Easy design of graphical applications!
  • Cost and time saving in preparing customer applications!

TouchGFX is an advanced, free graphics software framework optimized for STM32 microcontrollers. TouchGFX makes GUI development easy by combining a WYSIWYG simulator and automatic code generation. It covers everything from early design sketches to exclusive final products, through rapid iterations to finished prototypes.

TIP: Be advised of spelling mistakes 🙂
NO – Touch GFX / Touch-GFX
YES – TouchGFX

Read more how to create superb GUI with Riverdi STM32 embedded displays.

Check out latest TouchGFX update with new libraries and presets for Riverdi displays.

Latest TouchGFX Designer is available to download here.

For more information visit our product page: