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Brand new look and the story of Riverdi waves

Spring has finally arrived at our Riverdi offices so we could not be happier to leave heavy jackets at home and dig out all the lighter and brighter attire. This was a very long winter, not just in terms of climate but also all the restrictions that were forced upon us worldwide.

In many cultures, Spring is symbolic of a new beginning, renewal, rebirth. It tends to give us hope for a better tomorrow and certainly brings out a lot more smiles around. To mark what we hope to be a new chapter in the global situation, we have refreshed the look and feel of Riverdi Brand. You might notice a little change in the colors of the logo and a lot more unified graphics for the product presentation. The brand book and visual packs are always available from the media center on our website.

So what’s new?

We have defined the blues and the oranges that we use. Whenever you see the blue and orange waves, you’ll recognize our brand immediately. Speaking of waves, do you know where the name and logo of Riverdi came from? Even though it sounds so Italian it has very little to do with the latin capital of pizza. Riverdi was born in Gdansk, in the north of Poland, where the blue Baltic waves hit the coastline and the bright, orange sun rises out of them in the horizon.

Just like in nature, even more so during Spring, in the world of technology, everything changes almost instantly; nothing stays the same for a very long time. That constant change reminded our founders of the flow of a river, bringing inspiration and fresh ideas. Thus RiverDisplays was the initial thought. Shortening it to just Riverdi sounded so much better though and gave it a hotter flavor.
Well, there you have it – our history in a nutshell. From a few Heraclitus-inspired guys who really liked electronics to a fully-grown technological company delivering state-of-the art displays globally. We’re proud of where we’ve come and we’re very happy you’re here with us. Cheers to the best display solutions on the market in the new, bright colors!
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