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Riverdi at Embedded World 2024: A Recap

Embedded World Exhibition & Conference remains a crucial event for the embedded community, providing an invaluable platform for professionals to nurture business relationships and explore the latest technological innovations. This year’s event, held in Nuremberg from April 9 to 11, was no exception, and Riverdi was again at the forefront, showcasing cutting-edge industrial display solutions across several notable booths.

New Horizons in Display Technology

This year, we expanded our collaboration with industry giants such as STMicroelectronics and Toradex link to bring forth advancements that set new standards in display technology. Our presence was strong, with our innovative products featured prominently at their booths, drawing significant attention due to their exceptional quality and performance.

Partnership with Toradex

Our partnership with Toradex advanced this year as we introduced larger display modules, including stunning MIPI DSI 12.1″ model featuring high-brightness IPS technology and industrial capacitive touch panels. A new 7″ Toradex-ready model is also coming in the MIPI DSI series.

The MIPI DSI and HDMI series use the same components, which means their quality, optical performance, and features are identical. To add more value, we are making them fully compatible with the Toradex Verdin Family SBCs. At the fair, these Toradex Verdin-friendly displays were demonstrated on several self-balancing robots, highlighting their capabilities and the robust, multifunctional applications they enable.

Our displays, known for their brightness and high-quality visuals, were eye-catching at the Toradex booth with a little robot help. Each was equipped with our 7″ HDMI series display, was a visual treat, and demonstrated its capabilities in real-time OTA updates, hinting at new possibilities in multi-functional device design.

Advancements with STMicroelectronics

STMicroelectronics’ booth was a showcase of innovation. We launched our new size in the STM32 series — a 12.1″ display driven by the powerful STM32H757 microcontroller — and introduced the high-performance 5″ display featuring the STM32U5G9 MCU with an integrated GPU. These displays are a testament to our technological prowess and commitment to pushing the boundaries of what embedded displays can do.

The launch of the 5″ display marked a significant milestone, presenting a solution that combines superior brightness and clarity with advanced microcontroller technology. The 5″ model, driven by an additional NeoChromVG GPU, the most powerful video engine and vector graphics accelerator for general-purpose MCUs, can run full-frame video at 30fps, highlighting a leap forward in embedded display functionality.

One of the most notable features of the Riverdi and STMicroelectronics partnership is the free TouchGFX libraries, which enable easy GUI design using the WYSIWYG method. Riverdi products are in the official library presets, so the design process is streamlined, shortening the time to market and increasing the cost-effectiveness of devices based on the Riverdi and STM32 ecosystems.

Spotlight on the 3.5″ Nucleo Display Innovation

Among the showcases at the STMicroelectronics booth at this year’s Embedded World, the 3.5″ Nucleo 144pin hat display module captured significant attention. This module features a 320×420 IPS display, providing crisp and vibrant visuals. It incorporates a parallel video interface for fast data transmission and an industrial-grade PCAP touch panel with an I2C interface for reliable user interaction. With an on-board 8MB QSPI flash memory, this display is designed for enhanced performance and storage capabilities.

This display’s compatibility with 144-pin ST Nucleo development kits makes it highly versatile for developers. Additionally, the module includes demo projects for TouchGFX and LVGL, which allow developers to jumpstart their applications by providing a framework for creating graphical user interfaces that are both aesthetically pleasing and functionally robust.

There is more to this new series since we also presented a 1.54″ Nucleo 64pin hat with SPI—for more news on our products, subscribe to our newsletter.

LVGL Developments in GUI Design

Thanks to the integration with open-source LVGL, a leading library for creating impressive graphical user interfaces, our displays have enhanced GUI design capabilities for designers outside the STM32 ecosystem. This year, we are proud to announce the LVGL certification of three of our boards, optimizing them for ease of use and high performance in demanding applications.

Insightful Presentation by Co-CEO Kamil Kozłowski

A highlight of this year’s Embedded World was the insightful presentation by Riverdi’s co-CEO, Kamil Kozłowski. His talk, “High-Resolution Embedded Displays Driven by Microcontrollers,” delved into the evolving landscape of embedded technology and its implications for modern industrial applications. Kamil’s presentation was informative and forward-looking, addressing the complex needs of today’s engineers and designers by showcasing how advanced microcontrollers can drive high-resolution displays to create more dynamic and powerful user experiences.

Kamil’s session attracted a diverse audience, ranging from industry experts to budding engineers, all eager to learn about the latest trends in display technology. His discussion emphasized the importance of integrating powerful microcontrollers with robust display technologies, which Riverdi is pioneering. This integration facilitates the development of sophisticated systems that are both power-efficient and capable of rendering high-fidelity graphics.

Reflecting on the Success

As we continue to advance in the field, Kamil’s vision for Riverdi remains clear: pushing the boundaries of what is possible with embedded displays, ensuring our products meet and exceed the industry’s evolving demands.

The feedback from the event has been overwhelmingly positive. our head of Solution R&D, noted the exceptional interest in our booths, highlighting the displays’ standout brightness and quality. The event interactions reinforced our existing partnerships and opened doors to potential new collaborations, setting a positive tone for the future.

Looking Forward

As we reflect on the successes of Embedded World 2024, we are already gearing up for next year’s event. We are committed to continuous innovation and look forward to bringing even more advanced solutions to the embedded world. Stay tuned to our newsletters and social media for upcoming releases and exciting news.

In the meantime, if you wish to learn more about our products, customize them to fit your project, or learn more about specific features, do not hesitate to contact us. Our team is ready to help you integrate the best displays into your projects.

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