Intelligent displays – EVE4

What is a Riverdi Intelligent Display?

What is EVE4?

Revolutionary Communication Protocol

Switch from the older EVE display to the EVE4 Intelligent Display

If you are using older generations of EVE FTDI/BRIDGETEK controllers please see the migration guide on how to switch to the latest one EVE4 series. EVE4 is a high brightness IPS intelligent display series with BT817Q graphics controller.

Riverdi EVE4 Intelligent Displays: The Future of Intelligent Display Technology 

What is an Intelligent Display Module? 

In the world of display technology, the advent of intelligent displays has revolutionized the way we interact with our devices. Intelligent modules are a smart solution for integrating the video processing unit with the display, so the image is processed by the display itself. 

Riverdi Intelligent Displays are a smart choice for any device. With their intelligent display technology, they offer a range of benefits, from saving processing resources to boosting device performance. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your existing display or designing a new device, Riverdi Intelligent Displays are the smart choice for your display needs. They are truly the future of display technology.