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Our displays are run by the best controllers on the market

Our mission of building intelligent display solutions means that we also offer the best graphics controllers on the market to run them. The RGB and LVDS modules are a part of our standard offer, but the Bridgetek EVE4 and Solomon graphics controllers and the Hycon family of touch controllers are a great choice if your project requires a more complex execution.


Bridgetek BT81x – EVE

The BT8xx controllers are a part of Bridgetek’s family of advanced graphics controllers. Applying them means that your project can become an intelligent device handled by serial commands. All video processing is serviced by Bridgetek’s EVE (Embedded Video Engine), which combines display, touch, and audio into a single chip. EVE technology uses an object-oriented approach; this whole controller series is capable of simplifying the implementation of intelligent displays and shortening development time.

The latest generation of EVE intelligent display solutions, EVE4 is based on BT817Q graphics controllers. You can learn about EVE4 display features and advantages on the product pages.

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The Solomon SSD1963 is a 1 MB memory where you can write your display data. This controller has basic transforming options such as mirroring and flipping. All animation should be given as a mathematical calculation. Here you can find the full specification of the SSD1963 controller.

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Ilitek Touch Controllers

Ilitek is a well-known manufacturer of industrial touch controllers with excellent performance regarding EMC compliance and glove operation.

They also allow for displays to be used with a passive stylus and can handle water drops. This makes them the perfect choice for industrial environments, medical equipment, and other more demanding environments.

Hycon touch controller

This family of Hycon touch controllers allows for thicker glass covers on our displays, and it works perfectly with FTDI graphics controllers. Hycon touch controllers also allow the implementation of a virtual button on the module. With Hycon touch controllers there is no need for complicated calculations and checking X and Y positions of each touch to see if it’s constrained in the area you need. A simple read and register command is enough.

This brand new addition to our catalog is available as a customization option.

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