Coming Soon

Here you can find products that are currently in development.
If you would like to get more details, do not hesitate to contact us.
We’ll be happy to tell you more about them!
    • 1.54” 240x240x IPS display,
    • SPI interface,
    • Optically bonded CTP,
    • 500cd/m2 brightness,
    • Compatible with 64 pin ST Nucleo deveopment kits,
    • Touch GFX demo projects.
    • 3.5” 320x480 IPS display,
    • Parallel video interface,
    • Industrial PCAP touch panel with I2C interface,
    • On-board 8MB QSPI flash memory,
    • Compatible w 144 pin ST Nucleo development kits,
    • Touch GFX and LVGL demo projects.
  • 7.0”

    • Power supply 12-30V
    • 3x micro USB
    • 1GB ETH PoE - addon
    • IPS TFT with industrial PCAP
    • 2x CSI for stereovision
    • WiFi - on RPi
    • 2x CAN FD
    • RS422/485
    • RS232
    • RTC with battery
    • mPCIe SATA on M.2
    • 3G/4G/GPS module on M.2
    • uSD card connector
    • 32GB of internal flash
    • 8GB RAM
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