The power supply cable RVA-0106M-1.25FF-1 and ST-LINK/V2 &ST-LINK V2-ISO SWD programming cable RVA-SWD-06M-C100 V2  are included as free accessories for single package.

Main features:

  • 5’’ TFT display
  • 800x480px resolution
  • High brightness 850cd/m2
  • Full viewing angles (IPS)
  • STM32U599NJH6Q or STM32U5A9NJH6Q in Mass Production
  • All STM32U5 interfaces
  • Optical bonding
  • Industrial projected capacitive touch screen
  • Black decorative cover glass
  • High quality
  • 4MB Flash
  • 3MB RAM
  • TouchGFX direct support
  • Power Supply: 6V-48V