Main features:

  • 10.1’’ TFT display
  • 1280x800px resolution
  • LVDS interface
  • High brightness 1000cd/m2
  • Full viewing angle (IPS)
  • Industrial projected capacitive touch screen
  • Black decorative cover glass
  • High quality-zero bad pixels
Touch Screen Bonding Technology
Touch Screen Shape
Mounting Frame
With Frame
Quantity Price
1 - 9 $121.74
10 - 99 $119.10
100 - 349 $117.51
350 - 499 $115.92
500 - 999 $114.33
1,000 - 2,999 $112.74
3,000+ $111.16
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Product Presentation

High brightness, IPS TFT

The high brightness, IPS TFT displays have a typical surface luminance of up to 1000 cd/m2 which means they are very bright even outdoors. The full viewing angles allow the user to interact with the display in a natural and intuitive way from every side. The high resolution provides crisp and clear colors.

ZERO bad pixels

Glass in displays comes from TFT factories in large sheets called mother glass and is sorted by classes. These classes are governed by ISO standards which identify three levels of allowable number of bad pixels.

Apart from the visual discomfort bad pixels cause, there are very important practical disadvantages to working on a screen missing a seemingly tiny dot. The importance will vary across industries but it is perhaps best illustrated in medical devices where even a single bad pixel may change image enough to lead to wrong conclusions and dramatic consequences.

In our 10.1” displays we add an additional layer of tests as standard so we do not miss a single item with a bad pixel. There is a 100% ZERO bad pixels guarantee.

Customized LVDS / RGB / MIPI displays

You can customize LVDS / RGB / MIPI displays in many different ways. 

  • Change the color, shape, and size of the cover glass
  • Have your logo printed on the cover glass (or any other graphics you might need)
  • Add a different interface
  • Enhance the brightness of the screen
  • Change the thickness of the cover lens for the CTP
  • Choose a different viewing angle of the display
  • Change the pinout
  • Request different gasket assembly

As you can see the possibilities are endless. All you need to do is choose.

We will help you to get the perfect tailor-made product.

Additional information

Weight 540 g
Dimensions 246.66 × 151.3 × 7.5 mm
Size (inch.)

Touch Screen


Touch Screen Bonding Technology

Touch Screen Shape


Mounting Frame



Brightness (cd/m²)


Viewing direction

Full Angle

Active area (mm)


Operating temp. (°C)


Dot pitch (mm2)


LCD type

, , ,

Input Voltage (V)


Backlight Type

45 LEDs

Pixel Arrangement

RGB Vertical Stripe

Driver IC

Surface Treatment

Hard Coating

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