Riverdi Trusted Partners

Strong partnerships are the key to success. That is why we’re glad to have an opportunity to offer better solutions through each interaction with our partners. An ecosystem of partners like this one allows different expertise and skills to come together.

The biggest proof of this is our RiBUS standard, designed to make all embedded tools connectable with Riverdi displays.

Please contact us if you would like to join our Partner program.

With Bridgetek’s graphics controllers your Riverdi display becomes an intelligent device handled by serial commands. Their innovative silicon solutions allow developers to create sophisticated and feature-rich products.
Our famous EVE product line was based on Brigdetek’s graphics controllers. You can learn more about it here

Together with Zerynth, we have created Python programmable displays solutions. Experience the full potential of IoT with our combined tools. These innovative displays already have a Zerynth license on board, so that you can start programming right out of the box.

Our technological partnership has brought the RiBUS – the Riverdi BUS for connecting Intelligent displays. Connecting XinaBox modular xChip development boards with Riverdi displays only takes a second.

Through our partnership, we have created an adapter for connecting Riverdi TFT displays to a mikroBUS socket. Thanks to their Riverdi click, MikroElektronika now supports all Riverdi displays.
Learn more about Riverdi click.
Learn more about Riverdi third-party development tools.

Through our partnership with Lummico, we started implementing smart tag technology into Riverdi display solutions, making them even more efficient.