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RiBUS – The Riverdi display BUS for connecting intelligent displays

When it comes to the embedded and IoT projects, simplicity and unification of components is something that we’re all hoping for.

I’m sure it happened to you a hundred times; you’re in the middle of a project and you just need to connect the smart display to the development board, and then you see you don’t have the right connector or the right cable. It can set you back, and it can waste your time.

This is precisely why we have designed and released their RiBUS connector. An intelligent display BUS that can connect any development tool with a display.

Also, you don’t need to worry about changing the display you’re working on in the middle of the project. It works with all Riverdi displays – any size or resolution, capacitive or resistive.

Add it to your board

If you decide to use RiBUS in your design, you will have the possibility of offering your product with different display options, without worrying about connection or compatibility.

Moreover, we offer free RiBUS connectors to any company that wants to add it to their products.

Many manufacturers have already implemented it. For example, MikroElektronika has been using it for years. They even have a RiBUS click board in their offer.

Also, XinaBox has made a whole line of development boards with the connector.

Free RiBUS connectors

As we have mentioned above, we offer free RiBUS connectors to everyone who wants to add them to their development board or device.

The standard RiBUS connector accepts 20-pin FFC cables with a 0.5mm pitch.

If you are interested in learning more, visit the official page.