An add-on board is a device that provides the necessary environment to a TFT display in order to display images from Riverdi STM32 Evaluation Board.

Because of our rich offer of TFT modules and the necessity to ensure seamless cooperation between different TFT modules and ONE type of an evaluation board, there must be a customized version of an add-on board for a display of particular size, signal connector and mechanical build, together with ONE universal controller – the STM32 evaluation board.

Don Addon puts developers’ world in order.

Use it to prepare and demonstrate functioning 5” RGB TFT modules at presentations and exhibitions.

NOTE: This listing is for the add-on board only. The evaluation board and displays are sold separately.


RGB Extension add-on

While the evaluation board itself contains all key components plus the RiBUS interface to EVE displays – the RGB extension header brings the interface to most of Riverdi RGB displays.

The evaluation board can use either RiBUS to drive the display with EVE graphics controller or the RGB extension. An add-on board, apart from delivering signals to the display, plays a role of a physical carrier to the whole module. Therefore, add-on boards must be customized to the displays they are serving.

Because of STM32F469II resolution limitation, it is currently possible to connect 10.1” displays only via RiBUS – so they must be models with BT817Q controller.

Mechanical functions

Don Addon 5 RGB is a stable mechanical base for three components:

• STM32 Evaluation Board,
• 5″ RGB TFT display
• The add-on board itself
Mechanical stability of the above devices fixed together protects delicate TFT connectors against breaking, tearing off and wearing out due to frequent connecting and disconnecting.

Don Addon is designed in a way that allows the use of all three in horizontal and vertical positions. The horizontal position is particularly useful during development. It gives a secure access to STM32 Evaluation Board measuring terminals and other circuitry points desired by a developer white the vertical position allows for hanging the entire working unit on a vertical post for exhibiting purposes and for drawing visitors’ attention.

A TFT module is fastened to the add-on board with velcro tapes in five corners of the module. Using velcro tapes between the add-on board and the TFT ensures a relatively strong fastening to make sure the TFT connectors are safe from mechanical damage in both positions, and also makes swapping of the TFT modules fast and easy.

Additional information

Weight163 g
Dimensions260 × 182 × 11.5 mm
Size (inch.)


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Don Addon 5 RGB

$29.00 unit price


Part Number: DON-ADDON-5-RGB

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