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Welcoming a new distributor to our network – Böcker Systemelektronik

Today we’re welcoming another distributor to our sales network, Böcker Systemelektronik, from Germany.

Böcker Systemelektronik was founded in 1980 as an engineering office for electronic control solutions. Since 2011, the company launched its online store with a special focus on universities, research institutions, and development departments. Their aim is to offer high quality and cost-effective components with comprehensive support and assistance on projects far beyond the regular support.

Their offices are located in Hamm, Germany, so if you’re located in that region don’t hesitate to contact them and order Riverdi products. 

Join our worldwide distributor network

Contact us if you would like to join our distributor network, too. The Riverdi distributor network expands all over the world. All our distribution partners ensure that the Riverdi customer gets the best possible service in the least amount of time.