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Riverdi announces technological partnership with Xinabox

We are glad to announce our newest technological partnership with XinaBox, the modular electronics manufacturer.

Riverdi’s display solutions combined with XinaBox’s fast prototyping tools will allow developers to get their idea to the market in the least amount of time. XinaBox’s flagship product line, the xChip offer a simple and efficient way to prototype, test, and build products.

We are currently working on creating a bridge between Riverdi displays and the XinaBox hardware. An official announcement is to follow shortly.

The RiBUS – an easy way to connect

Together, we have created the RiBUS – the Riverdi BUS for connecting Intelligent displays.

This means that XinaBox will be selling their new xChips with the RiBUS on board. Connecting Riverdi displays with the xChips will only take a second. This innovation brings the term “fast prototyping” to a whole new level.

Learn more about Riverdi and Xinabox

XinaBox’s flagship product is a range of 70+ modular xChip, which include cores/CPUs, sensors, power, communication, output, and storage, using a connectivity standard without wires and soldering, breadboards or hardware knowledge.

Riverdi is a manufacturer and seller of high-quality customizable displays. The display solutions are designed and manufactured in Europe, with cutting-edge technology and a dedicated team of experts. Their offer ranges from intelligent displays to simple RGB modules, protective glass screens for heavy industrial environments and more.

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