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New year, new us – Company restructure

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We enter the new year with some structural changes to the company. We have grown so much last year that we needed to rethink the way our organization works.

Starting with the leadership, we have decided that Kamil would now represent the company dealing with its vision and strategy; strategy of sales, strategy of product development and strategy of project management. As the new CEO he will lead us onwards and outwards.

Radek on the other hand will use his expertise to focus entirely on the daily operations of the company; its organization, its internal processes and production. As the MD he will look after us making sure we do the right thing in the right way.

We also have three promotions to mention: congratulations go to Aleksandra Demko who is now our Project Manager handling several projects on her own, Katarzyna Stepien who became Quality Engineer after starting on the assembly line three years ago and Julia Zakrzewska who is now HR Manager taking care of the development strategy as well as the company culture internally.

We believe these changes will help us improve even more, however, the new structure is by no means static as we continue to grow and search for new talent to join the team.