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Riverdi code repository is available on Github

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We are glad to announce that the official Riverdi GitHub repository is up and running. Since we’ve always had a strong desire to give our customers the best possible tools to work with, the Riverdi GitHub repository was a perfect way to continue that path.

In the repository you will find the initialization code, the application code, as well as libraries and demos for Riverdi modules. The libraries have been optimized and divided into layers, so that you can work with the code in a easier and more efficient way.

We have prepared the code as makefiles for Embedded Linux (e.g. Raspberry Pi) and STM32 platforms, as well as a dedicated demo. With the initial code uploaded, stay tuned for more projects in the future. We will be adding more code for more platforms, libraries and demos.

More about Github

As the world’s leading software development platform, Github is used by millions of developers to share code and build their applications. Github not only shares the source code of software projects, but also leaves room for additional information about the project and discussion with other users.

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