We are proud to announce that we have just added a new touch controller family to our offer – from now on our capacitive touch panels can use Hycon drivers.

Its main benefits being the fact that it allows a thicker cover glass for the displays, and the possibility of adding virtual buttons; the controller also allows multi-touch with up to 11 points of absolution and gloved finger operation.

And most importantly, the new Hycon touch controller family can be combined with the popular FTDI chips.

New customization option

This brand new addition to our catalog is available as a customization option, and it’s not yet part of the standard offer. If you would like to add it to your design, please contact us through the customization form:

A thicker cover glass layer

As we said the newly supported Hycon family of controllers allows for a thicker cover glass layer on Riverdi displays. More precisely, up to 5mm.

A 5mm thick glass cover is intended for harsh environments, where a sturdy front is necessary. Of course, it is less likely to bend under stress, and it can be used in various industrial environments without worrying that something will happen to the display.

Its robust composition is the right choice if you a looking for a way to protect your display but still retain an elegant design.

A good example of the usage of thicker cover glass for displays is the food industry, where it’s needed to showcase the product with as much visual appeal as possible and at the same time keep the display on the device protected.

Virtual buttons

If you want to get a feeling similar to an old-fashioned mechanical button, but the sleek design of a touchscreen, the answer is a virtual button. Our newest Hycon controllers also allow the implementation of a virtual button on the module.

Various interaction methods have been implemented on modern devices, but this one brings the best of both worlds: great visual feedback and great tactile feedback.

The second great thing about virtual buttons is that you will speed up your implementation process. With Hycon touch controllers there is no need for complicated calculations and checking X and Y positions of each touch to see if it’s constrained in the area you need. A simple read and register command is enough.

Lastly, virtual buttons aid the software implementation of buttons, reducing the required processing power from the control unit.

More about Hycon Technology

Hycon Technology is a fabless chip-design company that specializes in high-performance data converters and related technologies. Their offer includes mixed signal microcontroller units, battery management ICs and touch panel ICs.

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