For new design we recommend use EVE4.

A Riverdi 5″ TFT display with a built-in LED inverter.

The 800×480 resolution provides crisp and clear colors, while the screen is driven by the powerful BT816 graphics controller.

The display features the standard SPI/QSPI interface.

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What makes the RiTFT-50 a great display?

The RiTFT-50 is a high-quality Riverdi 5’’ TFT display module.

The 12:00 o’clock viewing angle allows the user a natural and intuitive way to interact with the display.

The RiTFT-50 has a built-in LED inverter.

For more information about the RiTFT-50 see the documentation section.

BT81x (EVE 3)

A powerful graphics controller

If your project requires a more complex execution Bridgetek’s graphics controllers are the right choice. The BT81x controller on this display is a part of a family of advanced graphics controllers targeted at embedded applications for generating high-quality Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs).

Riverdi displays with BT81x graphics controllers feature advanced EVE (Embedded Video Engine) user interface, that successfully combines the capacities of processing images, sound, and information from the touch panel.

EVE technology uses an object-oriented approach; this whole controller series is capable of simplifying the implementation of intelligent displays and shortening development time, see the datasheet.

EVE3 Advantages

The third generation of Embedded Video Engine (EVE) technology brings us the BT81x graphics controllers with numerous improvements and extended capabilities.

One of the most prominent advantages, in comparison with the two older versions, is support for the Adaptive Scalable Texture Compression (ASTC) algorithm. This means image quality can be significantly enhanced without needing greater bandwidth to be allocated as the compression algorithm allows for smaller compressed files. This, in turn, saves up a lot of memory space required by larger fonts and data-heavy images.

Further memory management and system resource improvements are available in the form of a dedicated QSPI host port for attaching an external flash memory.

See the datasheet for further information.

Do you need a customized solution?

Do you need a customized display? A different graphic controller? A resistive touch panel instead of a capacitive one? We’ll make sure that you get exactly what you need.

Choose between various options, find what suits your project best.

We will help you to get the perfect tailor-made product.

Additional information

Weight110 g
Active area (mm)

Dimensions (mm)

Operating temp. (°C)

Dot pitch (mm2)

LCD type

Input Voltage (V)

Viewing direction

Gray Scale Inversion Direct.

Backlight Type

Pixel Arrangement

Color Depth


Surface Treatment


Size (inch.)


Brightness (cd/m²)

Touch Screen


Driver IC

Touch Screen Bonding Technology

Mounting Frame

Touch Screen Shape

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