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Introducing The RiBUS – Riverdi’s Intelligent Display BUS

We are proud to introduce a new Riverdi standard, one that will bring unification and simplicity to the industry – the RiBUS.

The RiBUS is an intelligent display BUS, the perfect BUS for connecting your product with Riverdi displays. It can run with any size or type of Riverdi intelligent display.

The great thing about it is that you never again have to worry about changing the display you’re working on in the middle of the project. The RiBUS works with all Riverdi displays – capacitive, resistive, or uxTouch. Size is not an issue either, it works with the same with the smallest and the biggest displays.

If you use RiBUS in your design, you will have the possibility of offering your product with different display options, without worrying about connection or compatibility. Implement it and experience the simplicity and ease of connecting any Riverdi displays in seconds.

Learn more, get free RiBUS connectors today

Many manufacturers are already implementing the RiBUS in their designs and seeing the benefits.

We are offering FREE RiBUS connectors to any company that wants to add it to their design. We want to help everyone get the perfect prototyping tool for display solutions.

Contact us if you want to be one of them.

You can learn more about the RiBUS connector on the official RiBUS page.