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What are round displays?

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Round LCD screens are unique product on market dominated by rectangular shapes and classic aspect ratios. Modern round touch screen solutions are mainly associated with wearables, like smartwatches or GPS devices, but there are various solutions that this design fits well, like automotive industry, industrial electronic gauges and IoT. In those cases, round LCD displays are rather small in sizes (circa 1.1″ – 4.21“) and resolutions (i.e., 128×128 – 680×680). OLED and AMOLED are popular technologies in round display design. 

What are main benefits of a round LCD screen?

Thanks to its circular shape this type of display is rather compact, easy to wear and offers wide range of functionalities. Round LED display may come with or without touch panel. Round LED screens can fit in places where design needs to maximize the available space utilization.

What are main applications of round screens?

Round displays work well in:

  • dashboards,
  • VR goggles,
  • military and medical devices.

In case of modernization round LED screen may be an excellent substitute for:

  • analog gauges,
  • meters,
  • counters,
  • scales.

Additionally, if one needs a sleek design combined with high performance, a round OLED display has:

  • very thin and small design,
  • narrow bezel,
  • high contrast,
  • deep black,
  • good energy efficiency,
  • lively colors.  

How can Riverdi help you with round LCD displays?

Riverdi is the display manufacturer based in Europe. We focus on highest quality display solutions. Our experts and top engineers will provide the right combination of screen, processor, panel, and coating to meet your needs. 

If you need a round display, contact us.

Although we do not manufacture those at the moment, there are various solutions we could offer in this matter.