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Riverdi’s super strong capacitive touch panels

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Riverdi has introduced high performance cover glass to their capacitive touch panel offer: Dragontrail™ Glass or  Gorilla® Glass. Those types of glass highly resistant to scratches and other type of damage in comparison to standard glass.

The strength of the glass is obtained by using special structure of  material and  manufacturing techniques. This provides thinner glass with high durability.

Capacitive touch panels with Dragontrail™ Glass or Gorilla® Glass we produce typically have the same thickness like soda lime glass touch panels (standard models). The thickness are presented below:

  • 0.7mm for 3.5″ and 4.3″size (total touch panel thickness 1.4mm)
  • 1.1mm for 7.0″ size (total touch panel thickness 1.8mm)

For more demanding applications we can offer also thicker Cover Glass as below:

  • 1.8mm as an option for all sizes (total touch panel thickness 2.5mm)

To provide aesthetical look of capacitive touch panels, they are all fully covered in paint up to end of the edges. Furthermore edges are chamfered on 45 degrees.

More information here.