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Introducing the EVE3 Modules – the newest generation of Riverdi intelligent displays solutions

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We are happy to introduce the newest generation of the popular EVE displays – the EVE3 modules.

This third generation of Embedded Video Engine (EVE) technology brings us Brigdetek’s BT81x graphics controllers with all kinds of improvements and capabilities.

One of the most notable advantages, in comparison with the older versions, is support for the Adaptive Scalable Texture Compression (ASTC) algorithm. This means image quality can be significantly enhanced without needing greater bandwidth to be allocated as the compression algorithm allows for smaller compressed files.

Of course, this saves up a lot of memory required by larger fonts and data-heavy images.

If you were a fan of the previous EVE modules, you are bound to like the EVE3 ones.

You can learn more about the EVE3 advantages on the product page of each EVE3 display module. So, head to the shop, and get the one that suits your project the most.