Main features:

  • 12.1’’ TFT display
  • 1280x800px resolution
  • High brightness 850cd/m2
  • Full viewing angles (IPS)
  • MIPI DSI interface
  • SN65DSI83 Bridge
  • optical bonding
  • Industrial projected capacitive touch screen
  • Black decorative cover glass
  • Power Supply: 5.0V
  • Compatible with Toradex Verdin family SoMs and Carrier Boards
  • Linux drivers
  • Best out of the box experience


Toradex Development Board and SBC

Dahlia is a compact carrier board providing easy access to the most common features of the Verdin family. A very convenient platform for software development and demonstration purposes, the board is compatible with all current and future Verdin SoMs.

The Mallow Carrier board is the ideal solution for industrial and embedded applications. Designed with cost optimization in mind for small and medium production runs, it’s perfectly suited for volume production.

Toradex Computer on Modules are pin-compatible and highly miniaturized embedded computing solutions deployed within a wide range of markets and industries. Toradex Dahlia and Mallow carrier boards are compatible with all 34-pin Riverdi MIPI-DSI displays.

Optical / Air Bonding

Enhancing the optical performance of your display

Optical bonding is a process of affixing the touch panel (or just the protective glass) to the display using a liquid adhesive, gel or dry (film). In general, this process improves the parameters of the module – the optical performance, as well as durability.

The air-gap is the reason for the phenomena of reflection of sunlight. So, when the display is off, the Visual Area (V.A) is never black – it is gray.

When removing the air gaps, we reduce the number of internal reflecting surfaces, which increase of optical performance. This phenomenon improves readability, by reducing the reflection and correct contrast.

High brightness, IPS TFT

Typical surface luminance for a high brightness, IPS TFT displays is 800 up to 1000 cd/m² which means it is very bright even outdoors. The full viewing angles allow the user to interact with the display in a natural and intuitive way from every side. Please see the datasheet for more features.

Traditional shape with modern functionality

aTouch was designed to provide the functionality of a modern Projected Capacitive Touch panel in a traditional shape and size perfect for an upgrade of an older device. Thanks to the absolute flat design and multi-touch feature, it will significantly raise the value of any project. It features chemically strengthened glass, which has increased durability, thanks to the process of ion-exchange. They are easy to assemble, easy to clean and easy to implement into your design.

Newly built devices most often use the uxTouch panel which is stuck to the outside of the device and is slightly larger than the display – it looks nice and modern. However, in older devices that only need an upgrade, the panel needs to be the same size as the display. Thus, there are many customers who require the solution provided by aTouch in order to mount the display from the inside into the classic hole.

Customized displays

You can customize displays in many different ways.

  • Change the color, shape, and size of the cover glass
  • Have your logo printed on the cover glass (or any other graphics you might need)
  • Add a different interface
  • Enhance the brightness of the screen
  • Change the thickness of the cover lens for the CTP
  • Choose a different viewing angle of the display
  • Change the pinout
  • Request different gasket assembly


As you can see the possibilities are endless. All you need to do is choose.

We will help you to get the perfect tailor-made product.

Additional information

Weight1175 g
Dimensions299.90 × 278.76 × 16.05 mm
Touch Screen

Projected Capacitive Touch Panel

Touch Screen Bonding Technology

Optical Bonding

Touch Screen Shape




Driver IC


Mounting Frame

With Frame



Brightness (cd/m²)


Viewing direction

Full Angle

Active area (mm)


Operating temp. (°C)


Dot pitch (mm²)


LCD type

IPS, Normally black, TFT, Transmissive

Pixel Arrangement

RGB Vertical Stripe

Size (inch.)


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$207.31 unit price


Part Number: SM-RVT121HVDFWCA0-B

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