The RVT70HSLNWC00 is a high resolution, high brightness, IPS, 7.0’’ TFT display with an LVDS interface, and an industrial touch screen.

It features a black decorative cover glass.

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High brightness, IPS TFT with industrial touch screen

The RVT70HSLNWC00 is a high brightness, IPS 7.0’’ TFT module with an LVDS interface and a capacitive touch screen. Typical surface luminance is 800cd/m2. The full viewing angle allows the user to interact with the display in a natural and intuitive way. It also features an industrial projected capacitive touch screen with a USB/I2C interface.

Main features:

  • 7.0’’ TFT display
  • 1024x600px resolution
  • LVDS interface
  • High brightness 800cd/m2
  • Full viewing angle (IPS)
  • Industrial projected capacitive touch screen
  • Black decorative cover glass

For more information about the RVT70HSLNWC00 please see the documentation section.

Industrial Touch Screen

Reacts to the slightest touch

TFT display module with a capacitive touchscreen. These types of screens are extremely touch-sensitive and allow for clear and bright images. We recommend a capacitive touchscreen display if your application needs multi-touch, gestures, and high-precision.

Capacitive touchscreens react to the slightest touch, and no pressure is needed for detection.

Main features:

  • ILITEK Touch IC- ILI2132A, with 10 years guaranteed availability
  • USB/I2C interface/Optional UART
  • Supports double gloves operation – not only nitrile –even double thicker gloves
  • Working with water on the surface
  • Multi-touch, up to 10 fingers
  • Great EMC, RS (radiated susceptibility) and CS (conductive susceptibility) performance
  • Touch performance could be easily tuned to fit specific needs

For more information please see this page.


Sleek design without any holes in the housing

A uxTouch display is a specially designed LCD TFT display which has a Projected Capacitive Touch (PTC). They are the perfect choice for your project if you intend to have an interactive design and technology, thanks to their absolute flat design and multi-touch feature.

As you can see they feature a modern and sleek design without any holes in the housing.

On the technical side, they are a great option for industrial spaces, since there is no dirt accumulation possible. They also feature chemically strengthened glass, which has increased durability, thanks to the process of ion-exchange. They are easy to assemble, easy to clean and easy to implement into your design.


Customized LVDS displays

You can customize LVDS displays in many different ways. 

  • Change the color, shape, and size of the cover glass
  • Have your logo printed on the cover glass (or any other graphics you might need)
  • Add a different interface
  • Enhance the brightness of the screen
  • Change the thickness of the cover lens for the CTP
  • Choose a different viewing angle of the display
  • Change the pinout
  • Request different gasket assembly

As you can see the possibilities are endless. All you need to do is choose.

We will help you to get the perfect tailor-made product.


Additional information

Weight 220 g
Dimensions 179.96 × 119.00 × 8.15 mm
Size (inch.)


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Brightness (cd/m²)


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Active area (mm)


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Basic | Touch Screen

Additional Information | Operating temp. (°C)

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