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Get a display sample that’s perfect for your project – Switch to Riverdi!

How many times did you start to plan a project and thought to yourself “if only I had a display that can fit within this design”? How many times did you alter the whole design because there were no displays available on the market that went with your idea?

We bet it happened a lot.

But now, you don’t need to change anything about your idea ever again. All you need to do is Switch to Riverdi.

Get a display sample

If you’ve liked our standard display offer so far, you’ll be thrilled by what we can offer you now. It works like this: you send us your project information and display requirements, and we send you a sample. Custom made and designed to fit perfectly within your project.

Of course, if our sample doesn’t meet your expectations, you’re in no obligation to order from us.

Visit the Switch to Riverdi page to learn more.

*The design you send is subject to approval by the Riverdi team

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