Display 101 – Riverdi Educational Series on Display Technologies

The journey of learning can be a demanding task without the right resources and guidance. To bridge this gap, we’ve embarked on a continuous mission to educate through an ongoing series titled Display 101. This series of informational articles delves into the fascinating world of smart displays, providing a wealth of knowledge to tech enthusiasts.

What is Riverdi Display 101 series?

With each article in this series, we dive into different aspects of smart display technology. We aim to offer comprehensive insights in most demanding issues. For instance, the inaugural article tackled the debate between capacitive and resistive touchscreens. The curriculum comprises approximately 30 lectures on specific technical elements such as sunlight readable displays, display controllers and interfaces, design solutions, and more.

This unique venture is specifically designed for engineers and technical individuals who are keen on electronic displays and touch technologies. Here we provide in-depth knowledge about these touchscreen types, aiding you in making the best-informed decision.

Join Riverdi University

To enhance this project further, we’ve introduced Riverdi University. At Riverdi University, we release new lectures, we host live meetings complemented by Q&A sessions for an interactive learning experience. Upon completion of all the available materials, you will acquire exceptional knowledge of display engineering, strengthening your qualifications in the professional display market.

What do you gain in taking our learning journey?

By traversing through all the materials we offer, you’ll amass an unmatched understanding of displays engineering, a skill set that is invaluable in the professional display market. The Display 101 series, currently standing at nearly 30 blog posts, is available to read and watch anytime at: https://riverdi.com/blog/category/display-101/

Here you can subscribe to become a member of Riverdi University and dig into our knowledge base: https://riverdi.com/subscription-members/

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