Per i nuovi design si consiglia di utilizzare display IPS ad alta luminosità.

Un display Riverdi 7,0″ TFT con touchscreen capacitivo proiettato uxTouch e inverter LED integrato.

La risoluzione di 800×480 offre colori nitidi e chiari, mentre il telaio di montaggio in metallo consente una facile integrazione.

Il display è dotato di interfaccia LVDS.


Touch Screen

Reacts to the slightest touch

TFT display module with a capacitive touchscreen. These types of screens are extremely touch-sensitive and allow for clear and bright images. We recommend a capacitive touchscreen display if your application needs multi-touch, gestures, and high-precision.

Capacitive touchscreens react to the slightest touch, and no pressure is needed for detection.

Sleek design without any holes in the housing

A uxTouch display is a specially designed LCD TFT display which has a Projected Capacitive Touch (PTC). Thanks to their absolute flat design and multi-touch feature, they are the perfect choice for your project if you intend to have an interactive design and technology.

They feature a modern and sleek design without any holes in the housing.

On the technical side, they are a great option for industrial spaces since there is no dirt accumulation possible. They also feature chemically strengthened glass, which has increased durability, thanks to the process of ion-exchange. They are easy to assemble, easy to clean and easy to implement into your design.


Customized displays

You can customize displays in many different ways.

  • Change the color, shape, and size of the cover glass
  • Have your logo printed on the cover glass (or any other graphics you might need)
  • Add a different interface
  • Enhance the brightness of the screen
  • Change the thickness of the cover lens for the CTP
  • Choose a different viewing angle of the display
  • Change the pinout
  • Request different gasket assembly


As you can see the possibilities are endless. All you need to do is choose.

We will help you to get the perfect tailor-made product.

Informazioni aggiuntive

Peso240.30 g
Size (inch.)




Brightness (cd/m²)


Viewing direction

12:00 o’clock



Touch Screen

Projected Capacitive Touch Panel


LED Inverter

Active area (mm)


Dimensions (mm)


Operating temp. (°C)


Dot pitch (mm²)


LCD type

TN standard, TFT

Weight (g)


Input Voltage (V)


Gray Scale Inversion Direct.

Ore 6:00

Backlight Type

21 LED

Pixel Arrangement

RGB Vertical Stripe

Color Depth


Driver IC

FT5426 DQ8, HX8264+HX8664

Surface Treatment


From as low as



00 – vetro di copertura nero, 0,2 mm DST, 01 – vetro di copertura nero, 0,5 mm di schiuma DST, 02 – vetro di copertura nero, senza DST, 03 – vetro di copertura bianco, 0,2 mm DST, 04 – vetro di copertura bianco, schiuma DST da 0,5 mm, 05 – vetro di copertura bianco, senza DST

Touch Screen Shape


Touch Screen Bonding Technology

Air Bonding

Mounting Frame

Senza telaio

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$81.49 prezzo unitario


Part Number: RVT70UQLNWC0x

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