All the reasons to choose
Riverdi Display Solutions

There are plenty of reasons why you should use Riverdi display solutions, and here you’ll find the most important points.
From a diverse catalog to flexible customization options, Riverdi offers numerous reasons to keep coming back.

Innovative technologies

Advanced manufacturing methods, top of the line components, and cutting-edge technologies. These are all the things that describe Riverdi displays and the way we make them.

We offer special treatments for the cover glass of our displays, which enhances their mechanical strengths. We offer industry-leading graphic controllers for driving the TFT modules. Our unique modular system allows the same display size to be available in different configurations, to adapt to any project. In short, we make sure all the technology we use benefits our customers the most.

That is why we have introduced the RiBUS to the market – the intelligent display BUS. The RiBUS is the perfect BUS for connecting your product with Riverdi intelligent display solutions. Learn more.

Riverdi Technologies

Diverse catalog

When it comes to picking the right display for your project our diverse catalog is the right place to begin. The variety of choice and the right categorisation will make sure you have exactly what you were looking for.

From different screen sizes (from 2.8” to 7”) to capacitive, resistive, and advanced uxTouch touch screen options, and a choice of graphic controllers – our product catalog has everything you need.

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Customization options

Have a look at our product line. If you do not find what you are looking for or you need a modified version of en existing product, contact us.

When you come to us for display solutions, no project is too small, or too big. We give our undivided attention to each order, knowing that a good partnership entails that both sides are happy about the outcome. And it certainly makes us thrilled to know that you can rely on the quality and consistency of Riverdi.

Customizable Excellence

We don’t rely on generic display solutions. With Riverdi you’ll find that product customization is possible on every scale. Order one display, or a thousand – we will tailor it to your specific needs.

Customization options

Passion for Quality

For Riverdi quality is key. We only sell products that we are truly proud of, because we want you to feel that same sense of pride when you use them in your final design. The size of your order does not matter, the same passion goes into making every single Riverdi display. Order one, or order a thousand – the quality will stay consistent.

We have been providing our displays solutions to the world since 2012. Riverdi was founded on passion, commitment, and a strong desire for quality. Once you hold one of our displays in your hand, you can tell that every detail was thought of – From the stylish design, to the impeccable working principle. We thought of everything.

The customization options, and competitive delivery time of just a few days is what really set us apart.

Fast shipping

24-hour shipment – We keep a permanent stock of basic products, so that we are always ready to meet the needs of our customers. No waiting, no delays. The Riverdi team is always there to make sure you are ahead of the game. We guarantee a 24h shipment on quantities up to a thousand pieces.

Tailor made display solutions – Do you need a mounting frame for your capacitive display? A decorative glass cover for the resistive 3.5’’ display? Whatever the combination is, we got it. Create your own product, by choosing various specified parameters, contact us, and we will start the customization process in 24h.