The ONE display that’s right for you

People are constantly interacting with smart displays. All-day, every day. You’re even reading this sentence from a display. Be it a phone, a tablet, or your computer screen.

We’re so used to smooth and simple interaction with our devices, that we expect this kind of perfection from every new display device we use. But this kind of expectation for perfection and high-quality has not reached the minds of every product designer out there. The truth is, you don’t have to be limited in the choice of display or technology when you’re building a project.

That’s what’s different about Riverdi Technologies. We do offer the perfect, high-quality display that easily integrates the right technologies for your application and project

Also, this may surprise you, but the price doesn’t have to be a barrier when you’re choosing the perfect display. Our expertise and high-volume production can make it affordable, even if your project is low-volume or price-sensitive.

Your next big idea deserves a Riverdi display

Don’t design your whole project around a display that’s available on the market. Create your perfect product the way you envision it, and we’ll make sure the display fits within the design.

If you aspire to develop products that match the high expectations of today’s consumer, look no further. You no longer need to cut corners with commodity components.
The wide selection of Riverdi displays technologies will satisfy your requirements without forcing you to compromise your budget or timeline.

Display format

The right display size, resolution, luminosity, and density

Touch panel

The right kind of touch panel for your application

Cover lenses

Achieve the perfect design with cover lens customization

Screen enhancement

Improve the display brightness and the viewing angle

Optical bonding

Enhancing the optical performance of your display

Antibacterial protection

24/7 germ-free surface protectione

Graphics and touch controllers

Powerful controllers to handle advanced graphics

Mechanics / Housing

Mechanical solutions to adapt the display to any design


Unlimited display combinations right out from the stock


Intelligent Display BUS

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We will design, develop, and manufacture a free sample that perfectly fits your project requirements.