Evaluation Boards

Riverdi offers a wide range of evaluation boards and add-on boards designed for development and testing of applications on Riverdi displays. These boards provide the necessary tools and environment to bring Riverdi displays to life and showcase their capabilities.

What is a Product Evaluation Board?

Evaluation boards, also referred to as development boards or demo boards, allow developers to test displays and start building applications before committing to full production. They supply an effortless way to connect displays to a controller board and power supply to light up the screen and display content.

Riverdi’s evaluation boards are compatible with many Riverdi display modules, enabling convenient switching between different display sizes and interfaces for demonstration and evaluation. The main evaluation board contains the core components like the controller, interfaces, buttons and LEDs. Add-on boards then enables the customization to fit specific display interfaces and sizes.

Key Features of Riverdi Evaluation Boards

Some of the key capabilities and benefits of Riverdi’s evaluation board offerings include:

Flexible connectivity options – boards can connect to EVE4 displays via SPI/RiBUS, or to RGB displays natively through the built-in LTDC TFT controller.

  •  Rapid testing and demonstration – boards allow displays to be showcased immediately with pre-loaded demos.
  •  Simplified development – programmers can start coding right away using on-board peripherals like SD card, buttons, LEDs etc.
  •  Expandable interface – different add-on boards provide customization for various display sizes and interfaces.
  •  Wide compatibility – boards work with a broad range of Riverdi display modules from 3.5″ to 10.1″.
  •  Adjustable power supply – displays can be powered separately or from the same source as the controller board.
  •  Portable and compact – easy to carry around for demonstrations and testing.
  •  Cost-effective – single evaluation board can test various display samples, reducing overall development costs.

Riverdi Evaluation Board for EVE4 Displays

The Riverdi STM32 Evaluation Board is designed primarily for Riverdi’s EVE4 display modules ranging from 3.5″ to 10.1″. It can connect to these intelligent graphics displays in two ways:

  1. Directly from the on-board STM32F469 MCU via SPI and RiBUS interface. This allows full utilization of the board’s peripherals and embedded application development.
  2. From a PC over USB via the FT232H bridge chip, bypassing the MCU and communicating directly with the EVE4’s SPI interface. This enables quick testing and development on the PC side.

The evaluation board has all the necessary components required for graphics application development:

  •  STM32F469II microcontroller
  •  USB and SD card interfaces
  •  2 user programmable buttons and LEDs
  •  UART debug interface
  •  20-pin RiBUS connector
  •  RGB extension header

With this onboard peripheral set, developers can start programming right away and use the RiBUS connection to bring EVE4 displays to life. The evaluation board allows full access to the powerful EVE4’s graphics capabilities.

Riverdi Add-On Boards for Displays

While the evaluation board supports EVE4 displays natively, Riverdi’s wide portfolio also includes high brightness IPS displays. For these, Riverdi offers customized add-on boards to provide the physical interface and signal delivery between the RGB or LVDS display and evaluation board.

Add-on boards like the Don series are purpose-built for specific display sizes and come pre-configured with the required connectors. They provide plug-and-play functionality allowing rapid testing of RGB or LVDS display samples before hardware designs are finalized.

The add-on boards, apart from passing signals, also serve as a physical carrier for the display module. This avoids complex wiring and the need to design enclosures early in the development process.

Some examples of Riverdi add-on boards include:

  • Don Addon 101 LVDS – for LVDS display interfaces
  • Universal Breakout Board – flexible conversion between 0.5mm and 2.54mm pitch connectors
  • Break Out Board 36 – pre-soldered breakout board for SSD1963 controlled displays
  • STM32H7 PoE Add-on – Power over Ethernet add-on for STM32H7 modules
  • Riverdi Shield for Arduino – interface shield connecting Riverdi displays to Arduino boards

With the range of add-on options, Riverdi allows its RGB or LVDS displays also to be conveniently evaluated with the STM32 evaluation board. Hence the idea: the STM32 evaluation board that turns your display on!

Riverdi Evaluation for Full Display Portfolio

Between the STM32 evaluation board and range of add-on boards, Riverdi provides a comprehensive evaluation platform covering its entire display line-up. Developers can conveniently demonstrate and experiment with different sizes and interface options using the same base STM32 evaluation board.

For EVE4 display modules, the evaluation board supplies direct RiBUS connectivity. For RGB displays, the required add-on board can be simply plugged in to interface with the RGB header.

This flexible modular approach minimizes overall development costs. The consistent usage of the STM32 evaluation board as the core foundation reduces the need for multiple PCB designs. Peripheral add-ons can be re-used across projects wherever needed.

Riverdi’s product evaluation boards reduce development effort, risk and time to market by enabling immediate testing, prototyping and demonstrations. With flexible connectivity options, wide compatibility and out-of-box functionality, Riverdi’s product evaluation boards are an invaluable tool for display evaluation.

Benefits of Riverdi Evaluation Boards

  •  Immediate display testing – screens light up right out of the box
  •  Rapid prototyping – develop applications without waiting for custom designs
  •  Reduced risk – test different display options before large volume commitments
  •  Improved time-to-market – start software development early in the design cycle
  •  Enhanced demonstrations – showcase display capabilities to stakeholders
  •  Simplified logistics – single eval board can support various display types
  •  Cost-effective – avoid multiple boards for different display interfaces
  •  Convenience – avoid complex wiring; add-ons provide plug-and-play connectivity
  •  Flexibility – easily switch between display sizes and interfaces
  •  Future-proof – backward compatible with new display modules
  •  Wide availability – enable broad access to display for testing across teams
  •  Reusability – retain boards for future projects; maximize utilization
  •  Consistent experience – common development platform across applications

With its flexibility, simplicity and reusable design, Riverdi’s STM32 evaluation board and add-ons deliver an efficient and low-risk platform for display evaluation. By streamlining the crucial step of firsthand display testing, Riverdi’s product evaluation boards accelerate developers’ path to successful deployments. In successful product evaluations processes boards made for prototyping can be indispensable.


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