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Riverdi’s 2020 – a year we (and you) will never forget

If you had asked us last year what we envisioned for Riverdi to happen in 2020, just like every other company in the world, we could never have guessed how much life would change during those few months. The hardship and restrictions the pandemic brought on our personal and professional lives influenced every aspect of everyone’s existence – something so unprecedented even experts were at loss on how to deal with it. What we, at Riverdi, did know straight away was that the safety of our employees was of paramount importance and the decision to work remotely as much as possible was taken very early on. For personnel indispensable on the premises, new strict health procedures were implemented and they stand till today.

We began the year in California at the MD&M exhibition together with our new North American partner, Melrose. It was a brilliant industry event where a lot of valuable business connections were made. During the year, we began two more partnerships with excellent worldwide distributors: OKdo and RS Components and through those relationships, we have already shipped our products to more than 200 new clients.

In March, during the last weeks of normality, we were able to visit our distributor Battenburg in the Netherlands to discuss a new and exciting project which then continued throughout the rest of the year.

When the world was hit by the pandemic, we collaborated with an Italian start-up producing low-cost, open-source lung ventilators which can hopefully help those with respiratory needs even beyond the COVID-19.

Despite the challenges we all faced since March 2020, Riverdi became more united, grew stronger, got bigger and managed to deliver the product and service to be proud of. We launched a standalone, ready to use, RiTAB 70 tablet for POS & Vending Machines. We also invested in a high-end IPS display series with optical bonding, industrial CTP controller and Projected Capacitive Touch Screen as a base to all our future products which we continue to develop. Our export sales have risen by 40% and we have had over 800 new orders since January.

But new products aren’t the only things we’re investing in. Our Riverdi team has almost doubled in size and we have several open positions available at the moment. We’re looking for talented and ambitious people to join various areas of the company who we then provide with further training at Riverdi University. It is a unique program for all employees which explains the specific electronics technology used at Riverdi while reinforcing our company values and mission. Moreover, absolutely everything we do is ISO9001 certified so there can be no room left for ambiguity.

This exponential growth in products, processes, orders, clients and human resources brings a need for more space so we have begun a construction of a new building where we can improve not only on the value brought to the client but also the well-being of all our personnel. There will be more space, yes, but it also comes with all the bells and whistles our team designed for themselves to feel happy at the workplace.

As a company, during this period of worldwide uncertainty, we must admit we have been very lucky. We’ve been developing, growing, expanding and advancing rapidly but we have also been reflecting on our good fortune and giving back to the society. We have teamed up with an organization that looks after the poorest local families to support them in their time of need. Winter in Poland can be difficult for those with little resources and after almost a year of crisis, many struggle not only to get by but even to stay warm. This year we have helped three families insulate their house, buy furniture and fulfil a dream of one little girl who wants to be an artist. We hope we will continue to grow and influence the world around us in the most positive way.

We would like to take this yearly summary as an opportunity to thank you for the confidence and trust you have placed in the Riverdi brand and to assure you we will continue providing the highest-quality display solutions possible. Onto 2021…

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