How to flash new firmware, convert and load video to LCD Module?

Introduction #

Purpose of this manual is to present how to properly flash firmware, convert and load video on LCD modules.

Connection #

Figure shown below (Figure 1) presents proper connection of the display with mainboard and sensor board. Figure 2 presents the setup of power supply.

Figure 1. Display connection #

Figure 2. Power supply setup #

Mainboard boot & firmware transfer #

Figure shown below (Figure 3) presents how to boot mainboard. When the mainboard is powered off, short J2 and then power up the device. It is also possible to first power the device, short J2 and press reset button. After booting the mainboard new USB device will appear on your system. Next step is to copy the proper firmware to the external memory as shown on figure below. (Figure 4)

Figure 3. Mainboard boot #

Figure 4. Firmware transfer #

Video convert #

The target video should be converted to proper format. Also after convert the video must be renamed as „video.avi”. Figures 5 & 6 show the program used to convert video setup. After the video is converted as required, transfer the video to SD card.

Figure 5. Video converter setup #

Figure 6. Firmware transfer #

System start, video load & final result #

To start the system please press the „BTN1” on the mainboard. After starting the system the video transfer will start automatically. When the video is loaded, it will turn on the display. Below figures 7, 8, 9, 10 & 11 show transfer from SD card to LCD module memory.

Figure 7. System start #

Figure 8. Flash after system start #

Figure 9. Video loading to flash #

Figure 10. Video loading to flash #

Figure 11. Video after loading to flash complete #

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